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In this video I’ll show you two different ways to bring your C4D renders into After Effects and add motion blur. These two are the “free” options available to you. Check back tomorrow for one final way you can approach motion blur, as well as the AE test results.


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  1. Lu

    Very useful tips on motion blur, Joren : )

    Thank you!

  2. Stephen Konsor
    Stephen Konsor09-28-2011

    VERY NICE! I ave not heard of using the Time Warp before. I thought CC Motion Blur was the only option. THANKS for the share!

  3. Max_Broughton

    I’m limited to using Timewarp as my boss won’t fork out for Reel Smart, but I think that this might be the way of pushing him in to it, so many thanks for the comparison Joren! Also, that metal texture is lovely, any tips on how you made it? Cheers, Max

  4. Joren

    Hey Max, yeah, you better show him that graph on how much time you save with RSMB. Will pay off quickly! I think the metal was from the greyscale gorilla texture kit if I’m not mistaken. A lot of good metal is how it’s lit though. This one was lit with a HDRI from the industrial pack, but any nice HDRI will help really sell a metal look…

  5. Max_Broughton

    Cheers Joren! I was more concerned with the “brush” element to it, I guess it’s either bump or sub-poly displacement with a black and white circley map, either way, the light falls off it in a totally lush way!

  6. Sam Welker
    Sam Welker10-13-2011

    Thanks, been meaning looking into stuff like this lately.

  7. Jake

    Found myself on a machine without RSMB and this helped a ton. Thanks!

  8. Steve

    Thanks man, was real useful for me.

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