C4D Tutorial How To Make Waves Ocean Water

UPDATE: I lied! It’s available in R12 and above, not just R14. Sorry about that!

In this tutorial I’ll show you a couple ways to make ocean, water or waves in Cinema 4D including the free HOT4D plugin which is absolutely incredible! If you make anything cool with it, shoot me a link!


Get the HOT4D Plugin here: http://www.valkaari.com/?cat=40

To get the free scene file from Helge Kiehl go here: https://vimeo.com/57924940

To get the free scene file from Mostyle go here: https://vimeo.com/57351572


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  1. Jenson

    R14 only :( bummer

    • Joren

      Looks like I was wrong! It’s R12 and above, so enjoy!

      • Jenson

        Cool! I guess only the vertex maps require R14 :)

  2. Luciano Daluz
    Luciano Daluz04-16-2013

    Hey Joren. It just crossed my mind. Why dont you put some modeling tutorials for sell?

  3. Charles Rowland
    Charles Rowland04-16-2013

    nice. i have been playing with this recently too!

  4. Hang Sothea
    Hang Sothea04-17-2013

    The best tutorial so great

  5. Jon Bennett
    Jon Bennett04-17-2013

    Nice overview of the plugin, definitely going to try this sometime. On a side-note, what’s going on with your desktop recording? On the playback it seemed to be buffering every 15 frames or so in areas of large detail, maybe it’s some settings you’ve changed on iShowU?

    • Joren

      Yeah, some setting must have changed on my end and I didn’t catch it. I’ll check into it for the next tutorial, sorry about the crappy quality! :(

  6. Max

    I have a question. How does one link an object to flow with waves. I have checked that project file from the third video, i cant figure it out since Im new to C4D. Is there a specific setting or you need to link something to something? Thanks in advance.

  7. Mike

    I tried making ocean waves using HOT4D, but instead this happened.

    Thanks for the great tutes!

  8. roger

    heyy i try this and it didn’t work form please help me i’m pc

  9. Jonny

    Hello Thepixellab.net

    Tried to Install Hot4D, but it does not come up. There is an error message saying that the file can not be installed. I use C4D R14 Studio on a PC. Can anyone help me?


  10. Tom Daigon
    Tom Daigon10-26-2013

    Joren, I have had this working fine in R14. But I installed in the exact same manner in R15 and it does not seem to be working. I load the plugin but there is only an axis evident on the screen. No mesh is there.

  11. Tom Daigon
    Tom Daigon10-26-2013

    Never mind. The CG Tuts lesson I was watching neglected to mention you needed to load a plane and parent Hot4D to it. : /

  12. Sabeeh Murtaza Mirza
    Sabeeh Murtaza Mirza02-02-2014

    Thankx for the tutorail..but my cinema 4d r13 dont show hot4d plugin..i extracked it and copied its file to plugin folder..its not working..Plz help

  13. Cristian

    Thanks for the tutorials! I was looking for them for a while.

  14. Majeed

    Hi Joren.

    Thanks for such a great tutorial and especially for the plugins. It is appreciated.

    Love you.


  15. MCows

    Looks great from above, any way to get the white caps to hold up when you move the camera down to sea level?

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