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In this C4D tut I’ll give you an overview of a free plugin that @eyedesyn pointed out to me. This plugin is AWESOME and will save you tons of time. Here’s the link: forcedimension.jp/qdg/plugin.html


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  1. Stephane

    Hi Joren,
    very helpful little tip, as usual quick and understandable!
    I have a little question about your layout. There is in the right top corner a little palette with some “flame or fire icons”. i would like to know what it is?

    Thanks, keep up the good work.
    Have a nice day.

  2. Joren

    Thanks Stephane! About the little flame icons, you will have to wait till next week to find out, muahaha! I’m preparing some exciting things for next week, so don’t miss it!!

  3. Stephane

    Can’t wait to see that, seems very interesting !!!

  4. Norrie

    Well reminded!
    I grabbed this at the weekend after reading the comments on the Render Active post and forgot to thank the guy. So, thanks :)

    I’ve been using it all day on a heavy outdoor scene and it’s one of those “How did I manage before?” plugins.

  5. Frank Busch
    Frank Busch11-14-2011

    Hi Joren,

    you always come up with great stuff. Like Norrie said: How could I work without the plugin…

    I wish I could get my lifetime back that I wasted by clicking millions of objects to make then invisible ;-)

    Thanx Joren… Time to donate !!!

  6. Joren

    Frank, thanks so much for the donation buddy!! That was awesome of you, and absolutely made my day! Thanks so much man!

  7. Izzy

    Fricking sweet Joren! Now it’s closer to my old Maya-like workflow:) Kick ass as usual bro!

  8. Chili

    OMG even better!!!

  9. Josef

    nice plugin .. i use the other cooler plugin everyday ( one button ) “free”


  10. david

    wow grate man

  11. hydroid

    this is simply awesome. thanks so much for sharing.

  12. Dave

    Excellent plug-in that makes me wonder why it isn’t a standard feature within C4D.

  13. JR

    Simply my favorite plugin…. period. Thank you

  14. FreaqyGeeq

    Best. Plugin. Ever. Thanks for the heads up Joren!

  15. Btcrooks

    Thx for the tip!

  16. PeteScotch

    This link is now dead and NEEEEED this so bad…anyone want to share?

  17. davidp158

    PeteScotch – Try this free solo button for C4D:

  18. PeteScotch

    Thanks! Will check it out now. My scene is getting so heavy need to be able to solo quickly. Thanks David

  19. Jet

    Rats….unfortunately, this isnt available anymore. Can you perhaps point me in a direction to find it?

    Many thanks!

    • vmedium

      has anyone found this?

  20. pixlyard

    The solobutton plugin is no longer available on ” forcedimension.jp/qdg/plugin.html “. Kindly some genius having this please share ………

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