C4D R13 Free Plugin Magic Snow Nitroman

Nitroman has just released a Christmas treat for all of us in the Cinema 4D community! Magic Snow is a free plugin that creates snow.

That’s pretty sweet, but the even cooler part is that the snow can collide with objects and begin to pile up naturally. Really awesome stuff!

So, grab it and add it to your Christmas projects and enjoy. Have a great weekend everybody!


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  1. Gerhard

    I already tried it yesterday and it is really cool. The only disadvantage for some folks is that it requires the Studio edition because of Thinking Particles…

  2. remco

    Great work! took me a wholelottatime yesteryear!

  3. Mar

    Hey! buddy, great job! Thanks for the plug-in you are so kind–Merry Christmas to you!…:)

  4. Exemega

    Thanks a lot for this cool stuff; have a nice holiday everyone.

  5. marco


  6. djfilms

    Mind-blowingly clever!!!!!!!

  7. Carlos

    Awesome, this is incredible I love it! Thank You!

  8. sam

    when i put it in my plugins folder it doesnt show up in my plugins tab

  9. Andy

    I downloaded the r12 version and put it in plug ins folder but it does not show in c4d any ideaS?

  10. Jet

    Ditto…I downloaded the r12 version, it was not zipped. I placed the folder in my plug ins folder and ditto….Nothing in my plug in tabs.

    Are we doing something wrong?

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