10 Free Grungy Photoshop Brush Packs

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Hey guys, I found 10 packs of grungy Photoshop brushes which are nicely made. What you can do it load the brush presets into Photoshop, create a document with an alpha background, and use the brush to create a document sized piece of grunge which has an alpha behind it. Then you can save that out and load it into Cinema 4D and use it in the alpha channel of a material to put grunge on your object. I show you how to do that in this tutorial: https://www.thepixellab.net/cinema-4d-201-tutorial-adding-grunge-to-objects Enjoy the free brushes!

1. 15 Wicked Wings

2. Sponge Brushes

3. 10 Grunge Brushes

4. Splatter Brushes

5. 15 Dirty Grid Brushes

6. Watercolor Brushes

7. Coffee Rings

8. Paint Line Brushes

9. High Res Spray Paint Brushes

10. High Res Splatter Brushes

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      Thanks a lot Joren…

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      Thanks Joren for this giveaway. It’s been a great time-saver. Expecting more from you.

      Thanks again.

    3. Joren

      Glad these are helpful Magembe, keep checking back, I will be adding lots of new content all the time! Cheers, Joren

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      What else to say than a BIG thank you not just for the brushes, but also for all your help : )

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      Thanks, Lu, it’s my pleasure to help you out! Thanks for visiting the site!

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