4 Free 3D Models of the Day


Here are 4 free 3D Models I found that might help you out:

1. A very detailed 3D moon model. http://bit.ly/jrOkAq

2. Free C4D earth model that is very high res. http://bit.ly/ebvBdT

3. Free swivel chair curtesy of Michael Ciesielski. http://bit.ly/mzEgA3

4.  Free C4D satellite which is modeled extremely well and includes great textures. http://bit.ly/iE5p8R

If you know of any great free resources I can share, please let me know!

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  1. Alex Neuman
    Alex Neuman05-11-2011


  2. Shalom Ormsby
    Shalom Ormsby05-11-2011

    Thanks for the downloads! Much appreciated…

  3. Joren

    Absolutely guys, glad I can help out! Spread the word, and keep checking back. Cheers,

  4. Diorama Studios
    Diorama Studios05-13-2011

    SWEET! Thanks for posting these.

  5. randyminnow

    great resources and reference you are contributing to the c4d community joren! thank you. just curious, on the satellite model: vray textures? without the vray plugin is there an easy way to universally replace the textures or edit them in the materials manager?

  6. Joren

    Unfortunately I don’t think there is a way to easily do that. Well, at least not that I know of. My buddy Izzy told me that like Mental Ray and Renderman, Vray has its own shaders and effect-textures. So if you don’t have Vray to render an object using a Vray shader, they’ll all need to be swapped out with a regular C4D shader to be rendered in cinema’s main scanline renderer. That means you’re going to have to go in and retexture most of it. Sorry man! If I come up with any solutions I will be sure to let you know…

  7. Rodrigo

    thank you so much God bless 😀

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