99Frames Breakdown Inspiration

I just saw a video posted by Rich Nosworthy (http://www.generatormotion.com) for the 99Frames project and I was really impressed. The amount of detail put into a 3 second video is absolutely stunning. Check out the breakdown for some serious inspiration. It’s always refreshing for me to see the extra detail people put into their scene. It really is the small things that take your project from good to professional.

Stay hungry, don’t compromise.



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  1. Jordan Montreuil

    Right at 2:37 when he’s looking at the passes, is that Nuke? It says C4D Viewer on the top of the window but I’ve never heard of that.

    1. rich nosworthy

      Hey Jordan.
      yup its nuke. If you export your scene file from c4d to nuke with the new r14 exporter thats just what it calls the viewer.

      1. Jordan Montreuil

        Thanks for the reply Rich! Could you enlighten me on what you did in Nuke vs AE?

        You inspired me to start mechanical doodling today. A couple scribbles turned into a deep water rail gun platform that uses seawater to cool the generator.

        1. rich nosworthy

          Sweet man, glad it inspired you. I actually just used nuke to do the multipass composite. I just prefer the way nuke handles it as opposed to after effects.

  2. Nicholas Maroussas

    Around 1:00 where you’re drawing the scratches on to the model – is that bodypaint? I’ve never got round to exploring it but you make it look easy and a great way of adding a bit of grunge.

    1. rich nosworthy

      yup thats body paint, hardest part is setting up uvs really but you can do the uv setup wizard to just setup basic ones.

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