Advice from the Lab: How to Deal with Bad Clients


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  1. I agree that is important to maintain a healthy work/life balance… very rare in our line of work.

    Generally a good starting point is do not do any work for clients with unrealistic budgets, not only does it undermine the industry to accept such projects, but I agree with Bob Thompson they are usually the most inexperienced clients turning into ‘time bandits’.

    Generally firing the client only means some other poor creative will have to deal with them, I try to develop good working practices in my clients (although I do have some legacy clients I would love to unload on to a newbie creative):
    1) consultation with regards to pinning down brief
    2) Produce mood-board
    3) Develop storyboard
    4) Source and direct voice-over recording
    5) Create content
    6) Post-production
    Providing the client up to 2 inclusive stages of amends per step, additional amends are going to cost

    When this breaks down is when your clients hands project over to someone else, or just as band a re-brand mid project.

  2. Frank Busch

    Great Post. Thats what my wife and I did a month ago. We fired our client. I tell you: it feels good.

    I hope in six month it feels still good 😉

  3. Totally agree with all of this. I do believe this comes with experience though. If you are in the beginning of your career you have to make client relation mistakes that serve as valuable lessons down the road.

    In the end it’s all about communication and being clear on deliverables.

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