AE + C4D + Foundry 3D Camera Tracker Tut! Part 2

After Effects Foundry Camera Tracker Cinema 4D Export Tutorial

In part 2 of this tutorial series, I’m going to go over the workflow to complete a 3D track using the new Foundry Camera Tracker in After Effects. Let’s head over into Cinema 4D where we will add 3D objects using the 3D track data! This is an amazing workflow, made possible by the Foundry Camera Tracker and the new Maxon Cinema4D Export plugin for After Effects.

You can watch my Cinema4D Export plugin tutorial here:

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    1. Frank Busch
      Frank Busch01-18-2012

      Hollywood here we come 😉 Great tuts. I´d love to know how Mocha would do the job?

    2. Jim Scott
      Jim Scott01-18-2012

      Great tutorials. Would you have a HD version of this second tutorial like you did with the first? It’s hard to see any details clearly in low res.

    3. ros

      hey first off, thx for the awesome tutorial. i’m having an issue with exporting my tracked data into c4d. i tracked a flat plane in ae with camera tracker, but it comes out sideways when i open it inside c4d. any thoughts?

    4. Joren

      Hey Ros, offhand I’m not sure why you’re having that problem. Let me do a bit of investigating and I’ll let you know if I come with a solution. Thanks!

    5. ros

      yargh, i found out at work that the plugin is only compatible with r13. thx for getting back to me though. cheers.

    6. Joren

      Pretty sure you can use it with previous version, according to the plugin download page here:

    7. Pachicito

      Great set of tutorials! One thing I’ve always had a hard time figuring out: getting the pool balls to cast realistic shadows on the table. I think the external compositing tag has something to do with it. That might be a cool next step in the series.

    8. Jorge Barrionuevo
      Jorge Barrionuevo01-31-2012

      love yours tutorials! just ready to go!!

      Greeting from Argentina1

    9. Dave

      Jorge, as always thanks for posting these tutorials….but, I’m confused. I was hoping Camera Tracker would calculate a perspective so the red plane would match the perspective of the video. It appears that Camera Tracker requires a lot of manual adjustments. Also, the Y axis of the sphere is not perpendicular to the plane in C4D. This may be OK if items in C4D are static, but won’t this cause problems when things animate? Am I expecting too much from Camera Tracker?

    10. Charles

      Great tuto Joren, really appreciate and it’s already usefull, thanks!

      One thing, how can we get the plane (made with camera tracker) to be centered and flat with the default level floor in C4D?

      Trying right now to invert some data between null parent object… but if you have a clue I’ll appreciate.

      Sorry for my english, hope is clear.

    11. crouspix

      Very nice tutorial:
      have you ever tried the plugin cineCAT?
      It is better to use the cameratrack for after effects?

    12. Mike Tosetto
      Mike Tosetto05-27-2012

      Hey Joren, thanks for this tute.

      I shot some footage on a 7D, had no problems with the track or importing the tracked camera into C4D R13.

      The problem I’m having is with getting my animation from C4D back to AE. It’s just not syncing, even though it looks perfect in C4D with the footage on a background layer as PNG sequence.

      I’m in Australia, so my footage is shot at 25 fps, my AE comp is set at 25 fps and the C4D project is at 25 fps.

      I just can’t for the life of me figure out why it’s not matching up when I import back into AE to composite.

      I guess I could export the whole thing from Cinema but that just seems crazy.

      Hoping you can shed a little light on the final step of going back into AE.



    13. Mike Tosetto
      Mike Tosetto05-27-2012

      Aha!!! Got it… AE was interpreting the footage at 30 fps.

      God only knows why? Everything was set at 25…

      Anyway, problem solved.

      Thanks again for the tute mate, you got a great style and I love passing by this site.


    14. Toby Brennan
      Toby Brennan06-13-2012

      Looks like a great tutorial, good work 🙂

      Just a quick tip, you might’ve done it in the first vid (I haven’t watched it) but by the looks of the comp in C4d you didn’t:

      In camera-tracker, before you made the plane, with those same points selected (on the table), command-click > Ground Plane > Set to selected.

      This will make the y-axis etc in C4d match up when you import it 🙂

    15. dema

      Hi Joren, I’m having trouble opening tracks from CS4, it appears sideways in C4D R12, I have done multiple tracks with different footage but still it appears sideway, as if the camera in C4D were rotated 90 degress on the Z axis. Any thoughts? I’ve been pulling my hair for the last two days and its really frustrating.

      • Joren

        I think it might be an issue with R12. I used R13 and it works fine, but I’ve had other people complain about it not working and they all had R12. Sorry, I wish I could help you more!

    16. dema

      Hi Joren, thanks for getting back with me. You are right, I’ve just tested with Cinema 4D R13 and it works fine. I guess it has some issues with R12.


    17. Devon

      Damn man, you may have just saved me an entire week of tracking and match moving shit for a short film… Why I haven’t found this sooner is a mystery to me.

      Thanks a million~

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