How to Shade VDB Volume in Unreal Engine 5 UE
My friend Joshua Kerr created an awesome tutorial showing in detail how to set up and optimize VDBs in Unreal Engine so they are much more cinematic and high quality. Some great tips in here! Give Joshua a sub for more great Unreal content: Get our free VDB shader to jumpstart your Unreal VDBs...
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How to Shade VDB Volumes in Redshift Cinema 4D C4D Maxon
This tutorial is hosted by Cinema 4D Master Trainer Marc Potocnik, of the studio renderbaron. In this video Marc will show you the best process for volumetric shading for Redshift VDB volumes. It’ll go over all the details for how to set up your VDBs to look awesome in Redshift! Check out Marc’s channel for...
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The Prizes are: First Place: NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 4080 Graphics Card or cash equivalent (Roughly $1,200) Second Place: VFX Element Bundle: ($785) Third Place: Complete VDB Bundle: ($719) Pixel Lab Unreal Contest Rules: Note: this contest has to be completed in Unreal Engine! If you haven’t used it, this would be an awesome...
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Free VDB in Unreal Engine Shader
Download Free VDB In Unreal Shader here: Get our Unreal Materials for Motion Graphics Pack here: Get thousands of VDB files here: In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use VDB Volume files in Unreal Engine! We’re including a free download which will do the heavy lifting for you in setting up...
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