Beginning 101: Reel Smart Motion Blur in AE

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In this video I’ll show you one final way to add motion blur in post using a plugin called Reel Smart Motion Blur.




The results are pretty close, but RSMB seems to be a bit silkier. The speed of RSMB is the biggest thing though, since the other options are really slow. There are some limitations to adding blur in AE, such as warping if you increase the blur too much, and it also can’t do rotational blur from what I understand. I haven’t had too many problems with it and think the time tradeoff vs quality means I will probably never use motion blur directly in C4D. Maybe R13 will be faster, I will run some tests in the future, but for now, RSMB is my tool of choice. I’m interested to hear all your thoughts on this, let me know in the comments!

Here’s the best price online if you’re interested in buying the plugin: RSMB

    1. Juan

      Hi! I use RSMB and it’s been great so far. As you say, the time tradeoff vs quality makes me never to use the C4d motion blur.
      Thanks for the tutorials!

    2. Pete Berthold
      Pete Berthold09-29-2011

      I’ve never used MB in C4D, rendering each frame 16 times for a decent blur, then being locked into the blur as opposed to rendering once in C4D and being able to tweak the settings is a no brainer. Also C4D has a motion vector multipass option which works nicely with RSMB’s Pro Vector. You can also render an object buffer pass to isolate part of the vector and only apply RSMB to one object. So, plenty of control!

    3. Dani-Sang

      N1, /me going to take a look at RSMB

    4. Lee Konen
      Lee Konen09-30-2011

      Would love to see the RSMB Vector shown and getting proper vector pass out of c4d. Thanks.

    5. Ben Hale
      Ben Hale10-18-2011

      Have you tried to use the motion blur with depth of field? Trying to figure out the best pipeline for doing that.

    6. Joren Kandel
      Joren Kandel10-18-2011

      I haven’t actually, Ben. But I’m about to start playing around with it so I can do a “Depth of Field” week at some point…

    7. tom


      Is there anyway to selectively add motion blur to parts of a scene in post without complicated masking?

      Say I have a scene with a car going through it and I also have some camera movement. I want motion blur added to the cars movement but not the entire scene from the movement of the camera.

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