Beginning C4D 101: Motion Blur in Cinema

In this Beginning C4D 101 tutorial, I’ll show you how to add motion blur in Cinema. This is the first in a series of different ways to approach motion blur in your 3D renders.



Animation made using MovieType (read my review here).



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  1. I would be interested in an answer to Scott’s question as well. I haven’t used motion blur in R13 so I can’t tell you. Anybody out there try motion blur in R13? Any decrease in the render times?

  2. We switched over to the Physical Renderer for a current project as it had dramatically shorter render times and less noise than Advanced Renderer in certain situations (area lights and sky sampler. Even with motion blur turned on it was faster than AR with motion blur off (17 min instead of 43 min).

    Your milage may vary though. I had another test scene where V-Ray was equally faster over Phyiscal Renderer.

  3. Mike

    Scene motion blur in c4d can be a LOT faster if you set antialiasing to ‘none’. If used that way, even with 5 steps only it can smooth out the flicker in GI and sometimes give you much better antialiasing. It can also do rotational motion blur and that’s something you can’t do in AE with or without RSMB.

  4. Interesting, Mike. I’ve never tried that! I always just assumed setting antialiasing would make things look terrible, since that’s the case with the RGB image. I’ll have to give it a shot!

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