Beginning C4D 101: Video Textures

In the first Beginning C4D 101 quick tip series, I’ll show you how to bring video into Cinema 4D to use as a texture.

Hint: if you don’t know how many frames your image sequence has, right click on the folder containing them, get info, and it will tell you how many images are in that folder which will be the amount of frames.

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  1. rovino

    Thanks for the learning.. Just curious.. why cubic for the mapping? wouldn’t Flat worked just as well without having to deal with the tiling? Also just another note I recently learned. you could use either color channel or Luminance.

    color- allows your video to be affected by the lights in your scene.

    luminance- shows the video as it is natively and is not affected by lights in your scene.

  2. Hey Rovino, not sure about flat actually. Take a plane, put an image on it, and go to flat. It gets kind of crazy! Let me know if that works for you or not, but cubic seems to work perfect for me…
    As for channels, yes you could put it in the luminance as well, and then the image would “emit” light which is pretty cool! All depends on the look you’re going for. Thanks mate!

  3. Wonderful tutotial! I was wondering how you could do this vise versa: attach a composotion to your 3D render in After Effects from Cinema 4D (similar to an iPhone model etc)


  4. strainedeye

    The missing ingredient I’ve been looking for – Editor – Animate preview! Man I just wanted to thank you! Thaaaaaank youuu! I’ve almost re-installed the entire program out of frustration! I said to myself, this is the last tutorial I’ll watch! Im so glad i did!

  5. Mary

    Hey Joren! After I completed everything in the video tutorial and I come back to After Effects the video I pulled in disappears and I can now only see the back of the truss video board! It only appears in after effects when I change the renderer settings to Software but I wanted to do it in Standard Final to remove grid lines. I’m sure it’s an easy fix that the rookie in me cannot figure out. Do you know what I’m doing wrong?

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