Big Announcement!

Hey everyone, things have been a bit slower at The Pixel Lab, you know why? I just became a dad! Introducing baby Kandel to the world.


He was born on Monday and is healthy and happy and so is my wife. Lots of joy in our house, and lots more coffee. “Be at rest once more o my soul for the Lord has been good to you” is on our wall, and it has never been more true.


Thank you for your support over the years, you all mean the world to me.

-The Kandel Family


    1. Kevin James
      Kevin James07-31-2014

      Congrats Joren.

      May your family continue to be blessed health and prosperity.

      I too recently became dad again for the second time.


    2. Rogue Robot
      Rogue Robot07-31-2014

      Congratulations! That’s great news. I assume there won’t be a tutorial!?
      Love that t-shirt, too.

      • Joren

        Haha, no tutorial on how to have a baby. You will have to figure it out yourself! 🙂

    3. Rohan

      Hey JOREN its Cute Baby. Congratulations….

    4. Gokhan

      Congratulations Dear Joren,
      He is look very sweet 😉
      I wish your baby a life full of health and success and a life filled with happiness 🙂
      Take care of yourself with love from Turkey.

    5. Chris Witmer
      Chris Witmer08-01-2014

      Congratulations to you and the missus for the lovely new addition to your family.

    6. Leon

      Hey congrats Joren, awsome news!

    7. Paul Pratt
      Paul Pratt08-01-2014

      Great looking baby, congrats Joren, and many happy years to come!
      And a big thanks for all the excellent work you have done for us to use and enjoy, thanks again !
      Paul Pratt

    8. Fabiano Silva
      Fabiano Silva08-01-2014

      congrats and welcome to a brand new world, i’m sure you’ll enjoy a lot…be happy

    9. Greg Golya
      Greg Golya08-01-2014


    10. romanbruni

      congrats new baby ! this is the advanced way creators increase their audience…
      thanks for sharing joy… saluti cheers from Rio de Janeiro Brazil. RomanBRuni

    11. Rob

      Congratulations! This is great news. I bet the new baby is going to be amazing at Cinema4D. To the next great CG/VFX artist, Kandel!!!

    12. huyang

      In China we call 2014-8-1 army day . Thank you for your efforts, wish your family happiness

    13. Frédéric

      Congrats Joren !!

    14. oni

      All the best! from cinema4dtutorial .net

    15. Dave Woodhull
      Dave Woodhull08-04-2014

      Joren, congratulations to you and your wife, cool name!

    16. jorge barrionuevo
      jorge barrionuevo08-05-2014

      Saludos desde Argentina! Me da mucha alegria y felicidad!
      Todo lo mejo para vos Joren!
      y Muchas Gracias por todo los que nos enseñas, es de mucha ayuda.

    17. Aitor

      Enhorabuena!!!!! espero que todo valla bien y que disfrutéis mucho de muestro chikitin

    18. Moamed Sampson
      Moamed Sampson08-06-2014


    19. Leo Bertram
      Leo Bertram08-06-2014

      Joren, congratulations to you and your wife. Now the real wild life begins. 🙂

    20. Travis Wade
      Travis Wade08-07-2014

      Congrats!!! No greater joy in the world than being a parent.

    21. Aldo

      Muchas felicidades, Cute kid.

    22. André

      Gratz Joren!

      So now we wont see you for a while i guess.. 😛

    23. Esteban

      Congratulations!! Felicidades!!

    24. Gon

      Congratulations for the best render you will ever made, wellcome on board to Daddy’s world I wish the best for you and your family.

    25. roger


    26. Colin

      Congrats my friend!

    27. CGRecord

      Big Congratulation from CGRecord Team!

    28. Felipe Valladares
      Felipe Valladares08-12-2014

      Congratulations from Venezuela, another future 3D artist in development :3

    29. Ells

      Congratulations Joren. This makes all of your hard work that much more enjoyable. Thanks for sharing the news with us as well.

    30. Richard

      Congratulations to you and you´re little sweet family

    31. MAGEMBE

      Congrats Joren!!!

    32. Quesi Berko
      Quesi Berko08-24-2014

      Congrats Man! well done …. wish you all the best

    33. RJ Clarke
      RJ Clarke08-26-2014

      Congrats! 🙂

    34. Ben

      Jippiieeeehhhh – enjoy the magic of the first days, weeks and months! Can’t imagine my life without my little fella anymore.

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