Inspiration: Stuxnet by Patrick Clair

This video by Patrick Clair has been making its rounds on the internet and I want to make sure you get a chance to watch it. The animation style called “infographics” is a really popular, and dare I say overused, style of animation that has a tendency to look the same most of the time.

Occasionally, however, someone takes infographics to an entirely new level.

This video blows my mind. The integration of 3D and 2D, the smooth and intricate camera moves and animation, the fantastic typography, and the audio mix all tie together to tell a compelling and powerful story. Make sure to check out Patrick Clair’s vimeo channel for more amazing infographics.

If this doesn’t inspire something inside you, then you’re in the wrong field!


7 Responses
  1. Lu

    Definitely beyond … just “inspiring”.
    The design carries much more weight sharing a story that captivates and gives a clear message.

    Very smooth, tiny details, camera moves and clever scene changes – seemingly seamless.

  2. JohnG

    This is very complex, It would take me a week to do 30 seconds of this… I wonder how many people it took to make this, one… two? …more?
    Very cool vid, thanks for sharing Joren!

  3. Hoan Nguyen

    Hi Joren, thanks for sharing. Do you have any idea what the softwares Patrick Clair uses to create his infographics are? Their seamless transitions are really mind-blowing. Thanks!

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