C4D & AE Tut: Springy/Bouncy Text Effect Script

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In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create the bouncy/springy effect seen in a lot of infographics lately. In C4D it’s really easy to do with the delay effector. In After Effects I’ll show you how to use a very simple expression to instantly give you the spring effect.

Props to http://www.digitalsandwich.net for sharing the expression with me.


Click here to download the free expression text doc

I received tons of other great resources from my twitter friends. Here’s a list of other AE plugins/scripts/expressions to manipulate keyframes.







    1. Pilaf

      nice script !

      I’m actually using a plug called DUIK, but having trouble with the settings !

      once again you save my life !

      Keep the awesomeness.

    2. Luke Wheldon
      Luke Wheldon01-18-2013

      Brilliant! Much better than the elastic script in Ease & Wizz!

    3. Dan

      Actually you can use the delay effector in C4D without the Facture object. You can use the Sample Effector node in Xpresso.

    4. Gustavo

      Error in the line 9



    5. Joren

      Gustavo and all: for some reason the script doesn’t work if you copy/paste from my blog post! So, I attached the text document instead. Download it, save it where you can find it later, and copy/paste from that doc and it should work fine!

    6. Michael

      Awesome! Thank You!

    7. Mr White
      Mr White01-23-2013

      here is another very nice expression: http://vimeo.com/18960587

    8. lou

      Good tutorial.
      Do you know if it’s possible to add a wiggle to the script? I want the object to spring into place using your expression then for the rest of the scene the object would have the wiggle.

      I tried adding wiggle(.6,8) at the end and it seems to over ride the spring.

      thanks for any help.

      • Joren

        Yes, it’s possible, just make an adjustment layer and add the “Slider” effect to it. Pick whip the object layer you want to wiggle to the slider and add the wiggle to the slider. Then the adjustment layer slider will wiggle and the object will follow it. Hope that works!

        • lou

          Ha, so obvious, I should of thought of that myself.

    9. Stephen

      Nice script!

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