C4D/AE Tutorial: Revision Effects Re:Map UVW Multipass

C4D Cinema4D AE After Effects Multipass UVW RevionsEffects ReMap

In this Cinema 4D and After Effects tutorial I’ll show you how to use Revision Effect’s Re:Map to replace a C4D UV Multipass with a 2D image in After Effects. This is such a powerful technique and I’m really excited about it!

You can find the plugin here: http://bit.ly/H4Ev9n or here: http://bit.ly/H5Hex9


    1. The Mographer
      The Mographer03-26-2012


    2. Michael Jones
      Michael Jones03-26-2012

      Excellent! thanks for the knowledge!

    3. Robert

      Awesome! I was always wondering how to do this.
      Thanks for sharing Joren!

    4. Phil White
      Phil White03-26-2012

      Real cool tutorial – I guess this technique can be adapted to pretty much anything?!

      And Chelsea are the best football (soccer) team, sorry 😉
      (but please don’t count this past season)

    5. illd

      You sir are brilliant – thanks for all the great work you are doing for the community! Here few more tips on this topic:

      – Re:map is cool – but expensive. http://aescripts.com/?s=uv
      has to free good plugins for that (please pay at least some change at the logout process – these guys are awesome!!!)

      – Joren, I am not shure antialiasing will influence the UVW pass at all – it just doesn´t work like that!
      But you should at least double the size of your UVW Pass render in C4D (if you disable all the other render intense settings like gi,ao ect. it will be pretty fast even if you tripple the size)

      – Compared to other 3D apps C4D somehow flips the color channels on the UVW. Instead of inverting your Precomps like Joren did, you can use the shift channels effect from AE before your uvw plugin.

      – sometimes C4D needs a “stick texture tag” on the material otherwise the uvw will not move correct..

    6. Joren

      Thanks Illd for all the great comments! Very, very useful tips/additions to the tutorial! I appreciate that a lot. And thanks for the aescript link, I didn’t know about that one. I also think there is another plugin that is cheaper called Youveelizer by Maltaannon, but I have never used it before, so I don’t know if it’s as good. Maybe that one would work if you can’t afford Re:Map?

    7. robocrat

      Thanks much Joren for sharing so much of your insiders knowledge. Really appreciate it. You are the man!!

    8. Rick

      Nice tutorial Joren , thanks,

      I seem to remember there`s a plugin called Zaxwerks 3D flag, which does the same but straight in After Effects,

      But this Technique is great,

    9. Pachicito

      Nice work on covering that “gotcha”.

      Great tut!

    10. arimo

      really a time saver, thanks Joren!you are the best!

    11. JoeTV

      I just got this plug…you’re right; it’s a time saver for a few of the rotating projects I have. Playing around with it, I was trying to figure out if there was a way to use it to show the refraction of an object or objects. Say you were looking through an imperfect crystal…some parts would be magnified and little shard like breaks here and there. Thoughts?

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