C4D and AE Unite Again: Fog and Depth Matte

This is the final tutorial on the .RPF format. I’ll show you how you can use the Fog effect in After Effects. I will also show you the Depth Matte, and a problem with it that I’m trying to get to the bottom of. Please let me know if you have any ideas in the comment section. Thanks!


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  1. I could be wrong… but I think a possible way to get rid of some of the aliasing issues you’re seeing is to render out of Cinema at 2x the resolution you plan on outputting. If you “fit to comp” to scale it down to the end output resolution, the jaggedness should disappear. It’s not exactly the best workflow but it should work.
    There’s always the “refine edges” effect in AE as well.

  2. illd

    Nice little tutorial series – thanks man! Concerning the jaggies – did you render out C4D at least 16 bit and set the AE Projekt to 16 bit? You could also use the Matte-choker and simple choker effects to reduce the edges. I am always having this kind of problems with C4D DOF/Object passes inside AE..

  3. Hey guys, I will have to play around with those two options. I think using the matte choker may help a bit. Frustrating that it is almost so awesome, but there is this one problem with aliasing. I really hope they fix it in a new version some day! Thanks for the input guys!

  4. Hey guys, well, I still can’t find a perfect solution, the straight alpha doesn’t seem to effect it. I did however find a possible fix. If you apply the “matte choker” in AE, it actually does a decent job of cleaning up the edge. You have to cut off a few pixels by choking the alpha in, but those edges were the white jaggies anyway, so it doesn’t matter too much. I’ve found this is a pretty good workaround that will help in most cases…hope that helps!

  5. Mihai

    I’d guess someone else has solved this by now, but it was still giving me issues today. Thankfully I stumbled onto something that works for me.

    I used the alpha of the rgba rpf as the alpha matte for the depth pass to smooth out the edges. Then I used the Jaggybuster plugin to smooth out the rest.

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