C4D Art Shader Contest Winner:

Pixel Lab Contest

I drew a name randomly and the winner of the C4D Art Shader contest is:

Coplin LeBleu!

Also, Jordan Montreuil, the creator of the C4D Art Shader Packs, is giving all of you guys a really special deal. Everyone in my Pixel Lab audience can receive 10% off the packs by simply entering this code during checkout: “pixellab-discount”

Thanks very much to Jordan for such a kind offer for us. Hope you guys had fun and keep your eyes open for more contests in the future!

Here’s the link again to the shader packs: www.jordanmontreuil.com/art-shaders



    1. Nigel Thompson
      Nigel Thompson09-30-2011

      Congratulation Coplin.

    2. Nelson


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