C4D Magic Solo Plugin Tutorial

Magic Solo Plugin C4D

Nitroman4D is at it again! His latest free C4D plugin is called Magic Solo and is the best solo plugin I know of. Check out this quick video to show you the ways this plugin excels over previous solo plugins. Get it here: nitro4d.com/blog/magicsolo


    1. Izzy

      Unreal, Nitroman just doesn’t ever quit:)
      Awesome vid Joren:)

    2. Mike Tosetto
      Mike Tosetto06-10-2012

      Thanks man… as always, short, sweet and straight to the point 🙂

    3. NURB2K

      No idea who gave him this nickname, but he is really a NitroMan. Just a question of time, when we get him to work for maxon. Nitroman you rock a big time. 🙂

    4. PhillyStyle

      I downloaded and installed but nothing gets soloed, just the solo button in the layer browser disappears. What’s up?

    5. PhillyStyle

      Yeah, I grabbed the wrong solo button, it works great thanks!

    6. Kathlb

      Thanks so much for your generosity! Great job on this!

    7. Jake

      Wonderful. Thank you. Now, why isn’t that functionality built into C4D? Or is it?

    8. aboudodjac4d

      no compatible with the C4D R14 AND C4D R15

      • Stenio

        It is working for C4D R15

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