C4D Modeling Contest #4: Summer

Pixel Lab Contest

We’re going to launch a fresh contest! This modeling contest is going to get everyone involved and help us to really stretch ourselves and learn new things. Here are the details:

We chose “Summer” as the subject for the contest, which will give you lots of room to play with. So here’s what to do: Find some inspiration on google images that relates to “Summer” (could be anything, beach, travel, sports, sun, islands, whatever relates to summer fun in your mind) and model your idea from scratch in C4D.

The winner will get one 3D model pack of their choice from The Pixel Lab. I will package up the best entries and I will make them available for free download on my website!

1. You have till the end of the June to create your model/models. Entries must be submitted by June 30th.

2. Your submission must include: The C4D project file with textures and at least one high resolution render of the model. Everything should be in a .zip file that is e-mailed or sent to [email protected]

3. You must model, texture and light your scene.

4. Do not use copyrighted materials, such as logos, textures, images etc. that you do not own. Use sites like cgtextures.com or sxc.hu etc. for free images to use while texturing or create your own. We will be sharing the models with everyone, so they can’t have copyrighted material, plugins etc. in them or they will be disqualified.

5. By submitting a model you are granting permission for me to give the models away for free if you win. These models can be used by the community for commercial or personal use.

6. If possible, don’t make your objects editable, so that people can see how you modeled it, learn from it, and make any changes they need to easily.

If you have any questions, let me know. Otherwise, good luck, and happy modeling!

      FCM OLABANJI05-29-2013

      this is good idea and i will be participating in this contest.

    2. Ebra

      this is a very nice idea , I’m definitely participating , good luck everyone

    3. Oliver

      Hi Joren. Great idea to start a modeling contes – thumbs up! Right now I have only a few skills in that. Next time I will join 🙂

    4. staus.me

      Expect to have something summerish ready 🙂

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