Massive C4D Plugin, Preset & Script Roundup

I have had a bunch of people ask for a list of the best free and paid plugins, presets and scripts for C4D so I thought I would compile my favorites into a post. If you have any that you really like, please put them in the comments so we can generate a nice list of resources for everyone!

Free C4D Plugins, Presets and Scripts

1. NOTE This Feature is now included in R18 and above. Adaptive Cloner Script: This free script allows you to space your clones automatically so you don’t have to continually re-adjust them. See my tutorial here: Get the script here:

2. ArrowMaker Plugin: A really quick and easy way to customize 3D arrows. See my overview here: Get the plugin here:

3. Arrow Toolkit Preset: Another great resource for making quick 3D arrows in C4D. See my review here: Get the preset here:

4. Drop To Floor Plugin: A great utility plugin that drops any selected object to sit perfectly on the floor coordinates. Huge time saver. Get it here:

5. Floor Generator Preset: Create customized tile floors very quickly with this Xpresso rig. See my review here: Get the preset here:

6. Hangover Plugin: A really nice render notification plugin which will notify you via e-mail or mobile device, and can be customized to shut down your computer, log out or put it to sleep after completing a render. See my tutorial here: Get the plugin here:

7. Ivy Generator: A really cool plugin for making vines and ivy growth. Get it here:

8. Kerning Effector Plugin: The best solution I’ve found for kerning motext in C4D. See my review here: Get the plugin here:

9. Magic Snow Generator: Instant snow generator. The snow actually piles up on objects which is awesome! Get it here:

10. Micro Floaties Particle Preset: A great rig for adding particles and dust to your scene. See my review here: Get the preset here:

11. ReeperX Rope Generator: A cool plugin that generats rope strands quickly around a spline. See my review here: Get the plugin here:

12. Shadow Catcher Plugin: A plugin that sets up your scene so you can easily render an object’s shadow along with it. See my tutorial here: Get the plugin here:

13. Screw Toolkit Preset: A fast way to generate numerous types of screws with tons of customization. See my review here: Get the preset here:

14. Solo Objects Button: A nice utility plugin that replicates the solo eye ball switch in After Effects. Can be a lifesaver! See my review here: Get the plugin here:

15. Thrausi: A really nice free solution to fracturing your geometry into pieces. See my tutorial here: Get the plugin here:

16. Tile Floor Generator: Another nice floor preset for creating customized tile floors. See my overview here: Get the preset here:

17. Unfolding Polygons Script: A really nice script that helps you set up your scene so you can create the unfolding polygon effect. See my tutorial here: Get the plugin here:

18. Voxel Effect: A great way to make pixel art. Get the plugin here:

Hope you guys found some nice resources here. If you have any more great plugins to add, let me know, and I will continue to add to this list. Thanks!

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  1. Came back to let you know about a couple more you might like, what happened to my first post? Disappeared…?

    Hopefully ths one will stick…

    A couple that work in R13 you might like as well.

    zPoulette and FlipPoZ – both free
    You can get them over at:

    Btw: Joren, that’s the second time I’ve posted a comment and out disappeared within a few minutes of posting.. what’s up with that?

  2. Chase, not sure why the first comment didn’t go through, weird! The second one made it. Hopefully it was just a glitch and not something wrong with wordpress. Thanks for posting some plugins, I’ll check them out!

  3. Must be a coding/Wordpress glitch Joren, it’s posting them our showing in the posters browser as being posted, once you leave the page, they disappear.

    I checked the “email me if some one responds”

    You should have more comments showing.

    Lack_DT posted a comment thanking you at 6:43 am est according to the auto responder I received. Their post is not showing either… just disappeared…?

    Can’t debug in this browser or I’d take a peek at the source and see if I could help you out there. You’ll find it I’m sure.

    Hope that helps you a little, at least know you have a bug or a glitch somewhere.

    Look forward to your next Newsletter. And tutorial!

  4. chase

    @ Qaiser – There are several Tuts out there for using Ivy Gen with C4D.

    Plus I found since posting that you can make your own Ivy Gen or Plant Generator in C4D with Xpresso.

    I think there even is a few project files where people have done so… google it – I’m sure you will find what you are looking for.

    Here is a couple tut links on using Ivy Gen with C4D:




    Hope that helps

    – chase –

    PS – Hey jaren – so what did you make – which did you pick? Haven’t heard anything about this since you asked for suggestions… ?

  5. Aitor

    Hello you sound a plugin llamaso PSR-0, is free … I can not find it anywhere, thanks.

    /Users/aitoresparzagarcia/Desktop/Captura de pantalla 2013-04-02 a la(s) 19.49.58.png

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