C4D Quick Tip: Working with Fonts

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In this quick tip I’ll show you a super fast way to help speed up your workflow when working with fonts in C4D.


    1. Gee Ranasinha
      Gee Ranasinha07-18-2011

      Hey Joren,

      Normally I love your tips, links and posts. However isn’t this one more of an OS X tip than a C4D one?

    2. Joren

      Hey Gee, yes, it is a OS X tip. Too bad C4D doesn’t open up with a preview of the font by default, so this is just to be aware of a way to see it. Hopefully this will help some people out who weren’t aware of it. Cheers!

    3. Jordan Montreuil
      Jordan Montreuil07-18-2011

      Good tip. I use a small app called FontDoc. It allows you to input custom text in a field and then it will load all of your fonts displaying that text. It’s a great resource for previewing fonts.

    4. Joren

      Sweet, Jordan. Thanks for sharing that! I’ll definitely have to check that out…

    5. Thomas

      🙂 Oft i asked mysel, why this piece of software don´t show me the font .. now you present the solution. Thanx ! 🙂

    6. Marc Lucas
      Marc Lucas07-18-2011

      Simple but yes very helpful!

    7. koko

      very helpful! thanx!

    8. Yusef Lateef
      Yusef Lateef07-18-2011

      Great Tip! MAXON should implement a live preview in a future update!

    9. andyweak

      How did I not know this?! That’s great! Thanks Joren!

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