C4D Quick Tut: Camera Tip

In this quick tip for beginners I’ll show you a really useful tip for animating a camera in C4D. This shortcut should save you tons of time!


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  1. rich nosworthy

    So useful that! Also useful to freeze your transform on the camera if you wanna keep the position, then just resetting PS & R gets your back to where you were

  2. Michael

    Great tip. I’m not a beginner anymore and was aware of the key command-shift-Z but I read so many other things and do so many other things that it was no clear to me what it was good for. These simple tutorials that put words to pictures which are so much more memorable make all the difference. Thanks!!

  3. Rogue Robot

    Fantastic tip. Thanks to you and GSG, I’m not exactly a beginner anymore either, but I never knew this shortcut, and it’s so helpful.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. john t

    nice tip. What I did before was had 2 cameras and switched between the two. One I intended for animation and the other I intended just to move around the viewport. It’s a very mindful practice I’m used to now.

  5. vmedium

    I also like to add a protection tag to the camera.

    Or another method is to add a single keyframe on frame 1… then you can move the camera around all you want, but as soon as you step back or forward a frame it will jump back to the view you were in.

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