C4D Quick Tut: Solo Items While Texturing

C4D Tutorial Tut Render Active Objects

In this quick Cinema 4D tutorial, I’ll show you how you can use Render Active Objects in a similar way to using a “solo” button in After Effects to speed up your texturing workflow.


    1. eyedesyn

      Nice, thanks Joren!

      I also stumbled upon this “Solo” plug-in written in Coffee that can solo objects for you also. It was last tested in R11 so I’m not sure if it’s still compatible with 12 or 13.


    2. Joren

      Sweet, EJ. I’ll have to check that out! Thanks man.

    3. Peter Debay
      Peter Debay11-11-2011

      I use Synesthetic’s free Solo plugin, works exactly like AE’s solo feature, R12 and R13 compliant:


    4. Joren

      Thanks Peter, I’ll check it out!

    5. Craig

      Great Tip Joren. Thanks again

    6. fasteddie

      Thanks as always! ­čÖé

    7. Sighruz

      i hope you’ll have a tutorial in rigging a cardboard box…or just basic rigging man. it will be a great help for us beginners. thanks a lot.

    8. Chili

      Another little nugget. I had no idea you could do this. Thanks much!

    9. AntonioFF

      Fantástico. Great. Muchas gracias for these tutorials.

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