C4D-Random Colors with Mograph Color Shader

Cinema4D Dynamics Tutorials

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to add a random set of colors to your clones by using the mograph color shader. It’s a bit trickier than it sounds, so make sure to check this one out.


    1. stofe

      Great tutorials! I just found your site today and am going through the old posts. I like that you keep em short and to-the-point!

    2. Joren

      Glad you like them! Thanks for checking out the site!

    3. Jay

      Great tips…. really like the website and your work, keep it up!

    4. Dante

      Thank you for the quick help!

    5. NKi

      Wow. Thanks for this useful and well designed tutorial!

    6. vishal

      can we animate dem ? with sound control ?

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