C4D Tutorial: Free Hangover Render Notification Plugin

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to use Hangover, a free C4D plugin that has a lot of options for render notifications and post render actions. You can be notified via e-mail or mobile and this plugin also has options to put your computer to sleep, log off or shut down after a render.

Get the plugin here: hangover.990adjustments.com

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  1. Greg Hough

    I didn’t see this anywhere, but is it possible to use this with Net Render? I’m assuming the answer is no, but would be very useful to me if it did.

  2. Mattski,

    I had the same issues. I had saved a setting with the default port # and after I found the correct # it still wouldn’t work. I deleted my settings and everything works perfectly now. I think the key is deleting your Hangover settings if you have saved settings that weren’t correct.

    Server: smtp.gmail.com
    Port: #465
    Encryption: SSL

    This is an awesome plugin!

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