C4D Tutorial: Making a Texture Archive in the Object Browser

In this tutorial I’ll show you how you can archive any texture you create and save a collection of them in your C4D Object Browser. This is a great way to start creating your own texture library!

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  1. Don’t quote me on this, Adam, but I’m pretty sure you can’t do that. I think to save models in your Object Browser you have to open up a Finder window, find the .C4D file with the model in it, and drag and drop that .C4D file into the Object Browser window. Then it will make a thumbnail with an image of the model…

    1. Jeff

      Thanks for this video. I’m having a problem with this great white shark kit I’m making. I have two files of the shark (.c4d) and I’ve put both into one lib4d and that’s all fine. The issue is that I can’t set the preview image. It spins the progress wheel and then reverts to the auto-thumbnail from the viewport. If you could please let me know why this may be happening I’d appreciate it. I’m doing this in r18 (latest build).
      Thanks again for all you’re awesomeness. I’ve learned so much from you over the years!

      1. To be honest I have no idea, that issue is never a problem for me. I would experiment with making your thumbnail image in different formats and seeing if they work, like .jpeg, .png etc and also in different sizes. Maybe that will trick it?

  2. Adam Forbes

    So that kind of works. The only problem is it doesn’t let you drag that model and drop it into a working scene file. It’s just like having a C4D scene file in your object manager and it lets you open that scene, then you can copy and paste the model, But I’d like to be able to just drag the model in like you can do with the preset models that come with it. Any other ideas?

  3. Hey Mike, well I don’t think there is a way to do it except for manually, but making the .lib4d file makes this MUCH easier. So, if you’re in your object browser, and you go to the new folder you just created, right click on that folder, and click “Open in Finder” (for a Mac, not sure about PC). It will open up the location, with a file with the suffix .lib4d. All you have to do is copy that file onto your other machine in the same directory and it will copy over all the info and textures. Very easy! Also, this is a great way to share textures with other people in your studio etc. Thanks for checking out the site, Mike!

  4. Adam Forbes


    Can your content browser access .lib4d files that aren’t in your maxon folder? If so you could have a folder in drop box that the content browser looks for and that would sync with both machines.

    Not sure if that’s possible

  5. I believe so, Adam. I think the content browser is basically just a finder window, but it opens directly into the folder with all your C4D stuff. You could navigate to a different folder on your computer and open the .lib4d file from there, at least in theory…

  6. Norrie

    Nice one.
    I have been using the “Save Material Preset…” but this way allows me to create separate folders – always a good idea.

    BTW, to answer Adam Forbes question: you can save your models by File > Save Object Preset… in the Object Browser. Then you have a folder called User in the Content Browser. You can also save Xpresso tags in the same way. Very handy.

    As for the Dropbox folder: just navigate to it via the Content Browser, Right Click, and add to favourites. Then you can use the Favourites icon (little star) to navigate there directly. Don’t forget to add the path to your Texture paths in preferences.

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