C4D Tutorial: Volume Effector LED Board

C4D Cinema4D Tutorial Volume Effector1

I’m very excited to guest cast over at robertleger.net. Robert is one of my C4D heroes and I’ve learned tons from him. I’m pumped up to be able to share a quick tip on his site. In this video I’ll show you how to use the volume effector to make a scrolling video board display.

Check it out here! http://robertleger.net/blog/2011/07/quick-tip-6/

    1. stofe


    2. Lu

      Hi Joren.

      I tried it and everything works well – except
      the letters I get, once they turn to squares,they don’t look as organized as yours =).
      Any tips on that, please?

    3. Joren

      Not sure Lu, maybe try using a thicker font, or using smaller cubes? Sometimes too thin of a text makes it look all crazy!

    4. Lu

      Hi Joren.

      I’ll experiment some more with these two variables…thank you!

    5. anconrad

      in case someone else is having troubles with a clean look of the typefaces.. for me a pixel font worked wonders & is easily tweakable if u decide to make the splines editable (seems almost to obvious now, but i tried like 10 fonts before)

      eg http://www.dafont.com/volter-goldfish.font

      nice and straight forward tutorial btw! 😉

      oh and u have to make a larger LED Wall.. try 2 line cloners for convenience…

    6. anconrad

      ^^ i forgot something 😉

      if u want to get realy felxible check out the following two plugins in conjunktion with the textsplines and the extrude:


    7. Alex

      This is an old video but when I click the color mode on, it stays black and I can’t get 2 colors. Do you know why?

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