C4D Tutorial: Xpresso + Sound Effector + Displacer Deformer = Epic Goodness

In this super-sized C4D tutorial I’ll share an Xpresso set up (don’t be scared, it’s not that bad) that will link your Displacer Deformer to the waveform of an audio track using the C4D Sound Effector! Lots of good tips in here. Big thanks to Chris Honninger who figured out how to do this and shared it with me. This tutorial is based on what he came up with and he is graciously allowing me to share that knowledge with everybody. You can check out Chris’ site here. Also, take a look at his Graphics River portfolio here. He has a really cool Photoshop “PROActions Bundle” which I own and definitely recommend if you’re doing any work with stills or product images. It’s really great stuff, especially for the low price.

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  1. Chris Burke

    Cool tutorial as usual. Thanks for sharing. I went over and bought Chris H’s Photoshop actions in a show of support! While looking around the graphicriver site, I saw something else that could make a cool tut:


    SyFy had some IDs that used an effect like this to form the word SyFy one time. Very interested in learning more about folding effects, if you could put something together sometime (or if anyone could point me to existing tuts)

  2. I am really glad you find this tutorial useful and I definitely hope to see some (at least related) outcomes from it! Thanks Joren for summing it all up into such a precise tutorial, you rock man.

    @Chris Burke: Thank you very much! Concerning the origami designs you found, I can really imagine those figures in a real 3D environment, animating from a boring plane to some cool forms. Great idea.

  3. lsslss

    hi Joran,
    wouldn’t it be better to put the sound on top of the stack, then it would have been in sync more, now it’s one frame off.

    thx. for the tut, great stuff 😉

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