C4D Tutorial: Xpresso, Sound Effector, Displacer Deformer Part 2

C4D Tutorial Xpresso Sound Effector Displacer Deformer

In this C4d tutorial I’ll show you some more ways to use Xpresso, the Sound Effector and Displacer Deformer. I’ll share a free preset called “SoundControl” by Render King that will make the process even more customizable! To get “SoundControl” click here: bit.ly/​pjKoL6. Make sure to check out renderking.it for more great content and Cinema 4D tutorials.


    1. Thomas

      cool stuff again !! Maybe the the link to “SoundControl” is wrong ? Its the link to rendering.it again … i will check again, perhaps i´m wrong …

    2. Thomas

      Thank you Alessandro ! Great job from your side and thank you also for sharing !

    3. JT

      Looks nice. Going to try this one out as soon as I get home from work.

    4. Mills

      Thanks for the tutorial!! How would you net render a animation done with the Displacer modifier/SoundControl. I have tried “point cache” but still it seems to render only the first frame for the whole animation. Any advice would be appreciated.

    5. Joren Kandel
      Joren Kandel09-15-2011

      Sorry Mills, but I don’t use net render much, and am not aware of a solution to what you’re talking about. Good luck figuring it out, if you find out let me know. Sorry again!

    6. Allen Creed
      Allen Creed07-12-2012

      Can I get this preset …I checked the link and its not available ?

      • Joren

        Sorry Allen, but I don’t have access to it. You’ll have to go ask the creator of it if you can get the preset…

    7. Alessandro Boncio
      Alessandro Boncio07-12-2012

      Hi guys, new website and new links…. 🙂
      you can download any preset or project from tutorials page: http://www.renderking.it/?portfolio=sound-control-tutorial

      Hi Joren how are you?

    8. Timo

      is there a way that you can tell the deformer to just effect one side of an object, for example if I’d use a text and just want to effect the front cap?

      here is an example of what I mean, in the intro to luxx’s showreel: http://www.luxx.com.au/reel.shtml

    9. Lennerd Fry
      Lennerd Fry02-28-2014


      I’m trying to install this plugin into my cinema 4d R15. I am having the hardest time doing so. I’ve taken the plugin and put it in the plugin folder but it has yet to show up in the actual program. Is there something different with R15? I am completely new to this program and would appreciate all the help that you can give on this subject. Ive read most of the forums on this topic and can’t seem to find any solid answers on why or how its not working.


    10. Jean

      Sound not working in C4D R16, any update ?

    11. Eddie Potros
      Eddie Potros07-05-2016

      Thanks for sharing this. Very handy especially for me right at this very moment 🙂

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