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Tip: Open Multiple Copies of Adobe After Effects in Windows 10

Just a little coding hack to quickly open up two versions of AE in Windows 10. I love this workflow and use it all the time when I’m working on multiple projects. Hope it helps you out!

Here is the tutorial if you’re on Mac:

Technology Pack for Element 3D


I’m excited to share our Technology Pack for Videocopilot Element 3D with you! This product was created by Remco van der Meer and converted to Element 3D by Vic Garcia. The pack has 49 technology themed models prepared for Element. Below are all of the included models. These renders were done straight out of After Effects:

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Tutorial: C4D to AE Null Problems


Have you ever wanted to bring something from Cinema 4D into After Effects with some compositing tags but the nulls don’t come over correctly or are acting strangely? This “hack” of baking your animation might save your bacon and a lot of frustration. Hope it helps!

Low Poly Scenery Pack for Element 3D

This is the Pixel Lab “Low Poly Scenery Pack” for Element 3D. I’ve teamed up with Remco and we have created over 75 low poly 3D models that will hopefully save you tons of time on your projects. This product is prepared exclusively for Videocopilot Element 3D in After Effects. Here are all of the included models:

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Earth and Globes Pack for AE Element3D



Earth and Globes Pack for AE Element3D

We have finally done it! The Pixel Lab “Earth and Globes Pack” is now available for After Effects Element3D! We’ve created over 40 earth, globe and solar models. We have everything from realistic and high poly to stylized and low poly and everything in between. Artistic, stylized, lego, minecraft, cloud scenes, solar systems: we have a bit of everything for everybody! These are prepared specifically for After Effects Videocopilot Element3D and will work in the latest version, V2.2. If you’re looking for the Cinema4D version, you can find that here.


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After Effects Quick Tip: A Fix for Flickering .AI and .EPS Files


Have you ever had a .eps or Adobe Illustrator file flicker when you render it? It’s super annoying and frustrating! Thankfully there is a quick fix hidden deep in the After Effects menus (like all good fixes). I hope this helps save you some frustration at some point. Cheers!

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C4D Depth Pass Tips and Free Preset Rig


Cinema 4D Depth passes are incredibly useful for compositing in After Effects. Setting them up, however, is a bit annoying. I found a really cool free preset rig by Mike Udin that lets you visualize your depth pass directly in C4D so you can set them up quickly and accurately. Thanks for sharing, Mike!

The Alley model used in the tutorial is from our City Pack.

Go here to download the free C4D Depth preset rig by Mike Udin

C4D and AE Tutorial: Tips for Realistic Compositing

Just a beginners quick tip for setting up your C4D scene so you can have a more realistic composite in AE. Hope it helps some of you out!

Contest to Win Free Retro Television Element 3D Model




UPDATE: This contest is over, and the winner is Alex Aguiar. Congrats Alex. Thanks for entering everyone!!


Hey everyone! To celebrate the launch of the Technology Pack for Element 3D we’re going to do a 1 week contest. Every single person who enters will receive a free Retro Television 3D model prepared for Element! In addition to everyone winning the TV model, I will choose one entrant randomly to win a free full Technology Pack. The rules are simple:

1. Post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. about the Technology Pack for Element 3D. You can write whatever you want, and you can snag images from my blog to use if you want, but it has to include this link:
2. After posting, simply drop a comment under this post saying “DONE.” I will send out a download link via e-mail to everyone who enters.

Thanks for supporting the site by spreading the word, I really appreciate it!


C4D & AE Quick Tip: Auto Orient To Camera & Look At Camera Tag


Sell 2D items in 3D space with this hack job. Quick tip on the After Effects Auto-Orient option as well as the how to achieve that effect in Cinema4D with the Look At Camera Tag.

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