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Massive C4D Plugin, Preset & Script Roundup

I have had a bunch of people ask for a list of the best free and paid plugins, presets and scripts for C4D so I thought I would compile my favorites into a post. If you have any that you really like, please put them in the comments so we can generate a nice list of resources for everyone!

Free C4D Plugins, Presets and Scripts

1. Adaptive Cloner Script: This free script allows you to space your clones automatically so you don’t have to continually re-adjust them. See my tutorial here: Get the script here:

2. ArrowMaker Plugin: A really quick and easy way to customize 3D arrows. See my overview here: Get the plugin here:

3. Arrow Toolkit Preset: Another great resource for making quick 3D arrows in C4D. See my review here: Get the preset here:

4. C4D Bottle Generator Preset: A cool generator preset to create customized bottles including wrappers and caps. See my review here: Get the preset here:

5. Bridge Maker Preset: Create bridges with numerous architectural changes with only a few clicks. Get the preset here:

6. Drop To Floor Plugin: A great utility plugin that drops any selected object to sit perfectly on the floor coordinates. Huge time saver. Get it here:

7. Floor Generator Preset: Create customized tile floors very quickly with this Xpresso rig. See my review here: Get the preset here:

8. Hangover Plugin: A really nice render notification plugin which will notify you via e-mail or mobile device, and can be customized to shut down your computer, log out or put it to sleep after completing a render. See my tutorial here: Get the plugin here:

9. Ivy Generator: A really cool plugin for making vines and ivy growth. Get it here:

10. Kerning Effector Plugin: The best solution I’ve found for kerning motext in C4D. See my review here: Get the plugin here:

11. Magic Snow Generator: Instant snow generator. The snow actually piles up on objects which is awesome! Get it here:

12. Micro Floaties Particle Preset: A great rig for adding particles and dust to your scene. See my review here: Get the preset here:

13. ReeperX Rope Generator: A cool plugin that generats rope strands quickly around a spline. See my review here: Get the plugin here:

14. Shadow Catcher Plugin: A plugin that sets up your scene so you can easily render an object’s shadow along with it. See my tutorial here: Get the plugin here:

15. Screw Toolkit Preset: A fast way to generate numerous types of screws with tons of customization. See my review here: Get the preset here:

16. Solo Objects Button: A nice utility plugin that replicates the solo eye ball switch in After Effects. Can be a lifesaver! See my review here: Get the plugin here:

17. Thrausi: A really nice free solution to fracturing your geometry into pieces. See my tutorial here: Get the plugin here:

18. Tile Floor Generator: Another nice floor preset for creating customized tile floors. See my overview here: Get the preset here:

19. Unfolding Polygons Script: A really nice script that helps you set up your scene so you can create the unfolding polygon effect. See my tutorial here: Get the plugin here:

20. Voxel Effect: A great way to make pixel art. Get the plugin here:

C4D Plugins, Presets and Scripts for Sale

1. City Kit: Really cool plugin for generating customized cityscapes for you mograph/vfx pleasure. See my review here: Get the plugin here:

2. HDRI Light Kit Pro: This Greyscalegorilla kit is clutch for lighting models. Complete with a bunch of studio presets, this is the best kit for stunning and easy renders! Check it out here:

3. HDRI Studio Pack: Professionally light your renders with 70 HDRI studio images and presets. Get the plugin here:

4. MovieType: This software is a huge time saver when animating titles/text. Check out my review here: or go to the Motionworks site to get more details here:

5. Nitroblast: The best plugin for fracturing, demolishing and obliterating your objects! Check out my multi-part training series on my blog: Get the plugin here:

Supplemental Plugins for After Effects Post Work

1. Foundry Camera Tracker: The cheapest way to track live footage in AE. The ability to quickly bring this 3D data into C4D is awesome! Check out my two part training series on this workflow here: Get the plugin here:

2. Reel Smart Motion Blur: The best way to add motion blur in After Effects. This is the best and quickest way to add motion blur by far. See my training here: Get the plugin here:

Hope you guys found some nice resources here. If you have any more great plugins to add, let me know, and I will continue to add to this list. Thanks!

C4D AE Tutorial Tut Concert

C4D & AE Tutorial: Concert Style Lighting

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to set up your scene in Cinema 4D so you can create a very easy concert style lighting effect in After Effects.

You can find the best deal on Optical Flares here:

To check out the Industrial Pack click here:


Pixel Lab Training C4D

C4D + AE Tip: Color Design Workflow

In this quick tip, I’ll show you a way to set up your scene so that you can easily manipulate the colors of C4D objects in After Effects. It’s a really nice technique if you have multiple spots that need different colors using the same render. If that situation comes up for you, this will save you tons of time! To check out the Video Production Pack go to


C4D Cinema4D Casting Shadows Tutorial

C4D & AE Tut: Bringing C4D Shadows Into AE

In this quick Cinema 4D and After Effects tutorial I’ll show you how to set up your C4D render to export shadows to AE. I’ll also go over how to composite the multipasses correctly in After Effects.


After Effects Foundry Camera Tracker Cinema 4D Export Tutorial

AE + C4D + Foundry 3D Camera Tracker Tut!

In this supersized tutorial series, I’m going to go over the workflow to complete a 3D track using the new Foundry Camera Tracker in After Effects. In this first part we will go over the After Effects side of things. In the next tutorial we will head over into Cinema 4D where we will add 3D objects using the 3D track data! This is an amazing workflow, made possible by the Foundry Camera Tracker and the new Maxon Cinema4D Export plugin for After Effects. You can watch my Cinema4D Export plugin tutorial here:

For the best deal on the Foundry Camera Track, check out Toolfarm’s prices here:

(Note: this is an affiliate link, so I will get a small amount if you purchase through this link. This will help keep The Pixel Lab going and I would appreciate it very much!)


Motion Blur Week Banner

Beginning 101: Reel Smart Motion Blur in AE

In this video I’ll show you one final way to add motion blur in post using a plugin called Reel Smart Motion Blur.




The results are pretty close, but RSMB seems to be a bit silkier. The speed of RSMB is the biggest thing though, since the other options are really slow. There are some limitations to adding blur in AE, such as warping if you increase the blur too much, and it also can’t do rotational blur from what I understand. I haven’t had too many problems with it and think the time tradeoff vs quality means I will probably never use motion blur directly in C4D. Maybe R13 will be faster, I will run some tests in the future, but for now, RSMB is my tool of choice. I’m interested to hear all your thoughts on this, let me know in the comments!

Here’s the best price online if you’re interested in buying the plugin: RSMB

Motion Blur Week Banner

Beginning 101: Free Motion Blur in AE

In this video I’ll show you two different ways to bring your C4D renders into After Effects and add motion blur. These two are the “free” options available to you. Check back tomorrow for one final way you can approach motion blur, as well as the AE test results.


AE 3D Extruder

Put This in Your Pipe and Smoke It:

I just stumbled onto a pretty amazing script which makes 3D text/objects inside of After Effects!

Basically it has presets, you click a button, and it automatically duplicates your text layer or any object, into Z-space and within a second or so, sets up your comp with dozens of copies laid out and organized to give your text/object depth. He refers to it on the site as “2.9D” which is awesome!

After you extrude the object there are tons of options like bevel, gloss, extrude depth, shading etc.

There are times when extruding things in AE is really nice, and can save a bunch of time. It sounds like he will be providing more options and presets for this script  in the future as well.

There’s a free 7 day trial, so check it out, it might come in handy in your workflow someday. Here’s the link to it: 3D Extruder.

RPF C4D AE Tutorial

C4D and AE Unite Again: Fog and Depth Matte

This is the final tutorial on the .RPF format. I’ll show you how you can use the Fog effect in After Effects. I will also show you the Depth Matte, and a problem with it that I’m trying to get to the bottom of. Please let me know if you have any ideas in the comment section. Thanks!


Cinema4D C4D AE RPF DepthofField

C4D and AE Unite Again: Depth of Field

In this tutorial I’ll show you another way you can utilize the .RPF sequence to make your C4D renders better integrate with After Effects. This time I’ll show you how to use the depth of field effect.


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