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Free C4D 3D Model: Popcorn Popper Machine

We haveĀ another fun freebie created by Remco. A C4D popcorn popper machine model! Hope you find some fun uses for it. Like always it’s free for personal or commercial use. If you use it I would love to see your work!

Click here to download free C4D model

Free Cinema 4D Building Generator Rig

We have an awesome free model from Rick Ellis today! Rick has made a “building generator” file for Cinema 4D. It comes with three preset buildings but you can make your own with the different building blocks and front faces.

Make sure to thank Rick in the comments, and head over to to give him some love. He has been super generous in sharing a lot of incredible work with us over the years!

Click here to download the free C4D Building Generator Rig

C4D Quick Tip: Snapping and Breaking Spline Dynamics

In this quick tip I’ll show you how to have your spline dynamics snap or break in the middle of their animation. The example shows a power line snapping. It’s limited to the constraint tags though. If you know of a way to have any of the other points break, let me know, I would love to hear!

Free C4D Model: Photo Studio 3D Scene


Remco built a beautiful interior room which is a photo or video studio. It also includes the backdrop stand which is a great element to use in your animations. Feel free to use for personal or commercial use. Hope you enjoy it!

Like always, if you have any great resources to share, just shoot me an e-mail. I would love to help spread the word!


Click here to download free C4D model

Free NeuronBuild Script and Getting Accurate Neurons into C4D

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to use the free NeuronBuild Script by Nick Wooldridge to access all of the medically accurate neuron models from
If you’re in to medical animation this will be really useful. If you’re not, you can still get some really interesting models to work with in your designs.

Click here to get the free script by Nick

Two Quick Tips for Saving Time with C4D Hierachies

Nothing fancy, just 2 quick tips. Both relating to Cinema 4D hierarchies and how they work. Hope this helps you out!

Free C4D 3D Model: High End Store Interior Scene


Hope you are having a great day. If you are in need of a high end store interior for Cinema 4D, Remco’s got your back. The free C4D 3D model can be used for commercial or personal use. Enjoy!

If you have any cool resources to share with the community, just send me an e-mail: [email protected]


Click here to download free C4D 3D store model

Pro Mats Vol. 1 Material Pack

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Cinema 4D R18 Thin Film Shader for More Realistic Materials

We put up a great free model by Remco and got some feedback about the way he made the lens material. The lens has beautiful coloration and the way Remco achieved that was by using the Thin Film Shader which is new in R18. The effect can be used for lenses, bubbles, water, and anything transparent that has a little oily, colored gloss to it. Hope this tutorial helps, it is super easy to set up.

You can get the model Remco made here

Free C4D 3D Model: Sci Fi Orb


Remco constantly tinkers around with new stuff. Sometimes really crazy stuff ends up coming to life. For instance, this “Sci-Fi Orb-a-ma-jigger-thing.” It’s a pretty sweet element, you could use it in sci-fi work etc. Also, it uses the brand new “Thin Film Shader” available in R18. If you want a tutorial on how to set that up, just let me know. It’s a great new feature for beautiful textures. Thanks Remco, like always!

Click here to download the free C4D 3D Sci Fi Orb model

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