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Free Cinema 4D Snow Globe Model

We have a new free model to usher in the holiday season! This was created by my good friend Adam Schmisek. You can check out his work and contact him here:

Feel free to use for personal or commercial work. Massive thanks to Adam for sharing!

Click here to download the free snow globe model

Free C4D 3D Model: Cartoon Race Car

Remco is back from his crazy freelance schedule to share another free C4D model with us! This one is an awesome cartoon race car inspired by Despicable Me. Hope you guys have some fun with it! As always, feel free to use for personal or commercial use. Thanks Remco!

Click here to download free cartoon race car model

Free C4D 3D Model: SeaLab

New freebie! This one is a underwater SeaLab model. The SeaLab program ran in the 1960’s to research underwater habitats and to learn about what humans can endure physiologically. It’s very interesting, if you want to check into it. I read the book “Sealab” by Ben Hellwarth and highly recommend it. Pretty fascinating! Anyway, enough history. This model was made by my friend Rick Ellis ( Texturing/lighting is by yours truly. Feel free to use for anything you want, commercial or personal. Enjoy!

click here to download the free sealab 3D model

Free Cinema 4D Models: Conservatory Pack

A new C4D freebie pack from Jim Field has arrived! This one is pretty massive, with 15 3D conservatory models! A conservatory is a glass room addition to a house for growing plants or just for sitting in.

This pack will be very useful if you’re creating any architecture visualizations or creating any neighborhood or house scenes. Massive thanks to Jim. If you make anything cool with them, please hit me up!

Click here to download the free C4D models

Free Cinema 4D Xpresso Car Rig

I just stumbled on a really cool asset by a guy named Kangddan on Vimeo. It’s a really impressive free Car Rig for Cinema 4D. It’s pretty fully featured, just watch the video to see him go through all of the options. The text is in Chinese but I just copy/pasted into Google Translate if I was confused on anything!

Go here to download the C4D car rig

Free 3D Models: Tombstones and Crypts!

My friend Daniel Morrison is at it again! He’s the guy who is big into 3D photo scanning stuff. It’s pretty epic, you can check out his process etc. at

He has quite the collection of free 3D models now! The process is super crazy too. For reference, this one tombstone model is made out of almost 200 photographs!! The result is a super realistic 3D model with 8K textures. In today’s set of freebies he’s giving away a tombstone, crypt, graveyard pillars and some stone chunks. Really cool stuff. Thanks Daniel!

Click here to get all the free 3D models!

Cinema 4D Tutorial: Free Buffer Script


This free buffer script for Cinema 4D will save you a TON of time! Object buffers kind of suck to set up, and this freebie will automate the process in one click. Massive thanks to Russ Gautier and Maxon/Cineversity for making this available to us. Here is the presentation and the script download link.

Free Greeble Displacement Map Generator Application

Just ran across an epic free app to make 8K res displacement maps (greeble style). It’s called JSplacement. Lots of options and variety to play with so you can customize them. I think there is even a way to add your own sprites. Pretty sweet! Level up your daily renders yo. Get the app here:
Also, check out David’s tutorials here:

Free C4D 3D Model: Windmill

Another freebie for the coffers! Don’t know if you knew this, but I’m 50% Dutch, so let’s do this. Free Dutch style windmill by my friend Rick Ellis. Check out his stuff here: Like always this freebie is available for commercial or personal use. Hup Holland! Enjoy!

Click here to download free 3D windmill model

Free C4D 3D Model: Random Strange Vehicle!!

I have a very strange freebie for you today! Remco created a very random and awesome looking vehicle. Not sure what it is, but if you can find a way to use it in your work I would love to see it. Please do it! I want to see you use this crazy thing!! Ok, enjoy.

Click here to download free c4d 3D model

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