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C4D Depth Pass Tips and Free Preset Rig


Cinema 4D Depth passes are incredibly useful for compositing in After Effects. Setting them up, however, is a bit annoying. I found a really cool free preset rig by Mike Udin that lets you visualize your depth pass directly in C4D so you can set them up quickly and accurately. Thanks for sharing, Mike!

The Alley model used in the tutorial is from our City Pack.

Go here to download the free C4D Depth preset rig by Mike Udin

Free C4D 3D Model: Fender Passport Speaker and Amp


In celebration of our brand new Events and Venues Pack launch we decided to create a freebie that can accompany the pack. Simon created this free Fender Passport Speaker and Amp model for C4D and you can use it for free! Enjoy. Make sure to check out the Events and Venues Pack which Simon also created. It’s pretty rad!

To get the free speaker and amp just join our e-mail newsletter and you will receive exclusive access to all 100+ of our free models.

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Free C4D Low Poly Car and House Model


I love spreading the word about great C4D resources, and Justin Poore has created a great asset for us to use. It’s a really fun low poly car and house model. The car even has some Xpresso controls for easy animation!


Make sure to check out Justin’s site, he has a lot of really great projects and personal test animations that are really inspiring. Thanks for sharing, Justin!

Click here to get the free car and house model

Cinema 4D Tutorial: Free Code Vonc Gelatine Plugin


In this C4D tut I’ll go over the awesome free Gélatine Plugin by Code Vonc. It’s sort of like the Jiggle deformer but a TON faster to set up and use. Useful for infographics work etc. and tons of fun to play with. Hope you find it useful!


Get the free plugin here


Free Cinema 4D Model: Go Cart Version 2


Version 2 Go Kart model is here! C4D 3D model, textures included, and all created by my friend Sam Brown. You have to check out his work here: You can also shoot him a thank you via his e-mail: [email protected] Make sure to thank him for his work. If you haven’t seen the first model he made, it’s really dope, check it out here. Thanks a ton Sam!

Click here to download the free C4D Go Cart Model

Free C4D 3D Model: Go Cart!


Yo dudes, we’re dropping a super fine Go Kart model today! C4D 3D model, textures included, and all created by my man Sam Brown. This model is so good! You have to check his work out here: You can also shoot him a thank you via his e-mail: [email protected]

Also, keep your eyes open for a second go cart version which will launch soon. Thanks a ton Sam!

Click here to download free C4D 3D Go Kart Model


Free C4D 3D Model: Arcade Game Machine

Another free model! This sick Cinema 4D arcade game model is made by Phixel Studios. Make sure to check out their awesome Facebook page and subscribe. They do some incredible work. Thanks Phixel!!

Click here to download free C4D 3D Arcade Game Model

Cinema 4D Siggraph 2016 Vol. 5

The last and final batch is up! Huge thanks to Maxon US and Cineversity ( for recording and sharing the 2016 Siggraph Cinema 4D training sessions!

Nik Hill: MoGraph Tricks and Tips to Supplement Your Workflow

Sam Balcomb: Metroid: Motion Capture, and Sci-Fi Environments

Derya Öztürk: New MoGraph Effectors in R18

Chad Ashley: Color Grading

Athanasios Pozantzis: Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Medical Animation


Free C4D 3D Model: High End Graphics Card


I have a really special freebie today. This was created by Michael Sohler, who is letting me give it away! The model is textured with Octane materials, but you can swap out your own if you don’t own Octane. Feel free to use the model for commercial use, just don’t re-distribute etc. If you use it, send us a link, we would love to check it out!



You can also e-mail anything you create to Michael here: [email protected]. Also, make sure to check out his Facebook page. He just finished a everyday robot series of renders which is awesome! Huge thanks to Michael for sharing this model!

Click here to download free Cinema 4D Graphics Card Model

C4D and After Effects Text Titles Tips: Glows and AO


In this short Cinema 4D and AE tutorial I’ll show you a way to set up your renders so you can composite in really nice and realistic glows by using the Ambient Occlusion pass in a way you wouldn’t normally think of. Hope it helps!
The text is from our Trailer Text Pack you can check out here:

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