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Free C4D Text Animation Preset: Shuffle Text


Yang Jeong-Seok from Seoul has created a really nice text animation preset for Cinema4D called Shuffle Text and is giving it away! If you’re an Adobe After Effects user you are maybe familiar with the text animation presets in AE. This is similar to some of those with options to animate text in with a shuffle or decoding look. There are a bunch of options so check out the tutorial video for an overview.


Click here to get the free C4D Text Animation Preset

Free C4D 3D Model: Pocket Watch


Jim Field has done it again. This time he’s giving us a free C4D pocket watch model! Make sure to leave Jim a thank you in the comments if you have a minute. Huge thanks to him for sharing so much with our community!

Click here to download the free C4D Pocket Watch Model

Free Cinema 4D Network Kit Rig for Infographics


I stumbled across a really nice Network Kit rig by creativMotion. You can create some nice elements for scientific or network type visualizations. I could see this being used as a visual in infographics etc. The cool thing is you only need Adobe After Effects CC to use it if you don’t have Cinema4D. Anyway, check it out, it might be useful!

Click here to get the free C4D rig

C4D Free MagicProjector Plugin: Project Splines onto Geometry

I made a tutorial not too long ago on how to project your splines onto any surface in C4D with Spline Project. You can watch that here. Nitro4D just released a great free Cinema4D plugin called MagicProjector! This basically lets you do the same thing but quicker and with more options. So, definitely watch this youtube overview, and then head on over to download the plugin. Thanks Nitroman!



Click here to download free MagicProjector C4D Plugin

Free C4D 3D Model: Guitar Hero Controller


Hey everyone, we have another free model from Anibal Diaz today! Anibal shared the free Sci-Fi 3D interior scene awhile ago. This time he created a Guitar Hero Controller C4D 3D model. It’s 100% free, just make sure to thank Anibal in the comments or over at his vimeo site: Thanks Anibal!


Click here to download C4D Guitar Hero Controller 3D Model

Free Cinema4D Christmas Train Set Model


If you guys haven’t heard of The Rusted Pixel, you better make sure to check him on Vimeo and Behance. There is some really inspiring content on there, especially when it comes to modeling and texturing in a really unique way. Most of the time we look for shortcuts in our work to do things faster. The Rusted Pixel reminds us that there is no shortcut and hard work is the key to incredible work. The attention to detail in his texturing is pretty epic.

Anyway, he’s giving away a little Christmas gift for you guys: a Christmas train set model that animates around a Christmas tree. It’s a really cool, low poly type scene and you can use it for any holiday/christmas work you might be doing. Enjoy!

You can download it in his vimeo description here

Free C4D 3D Model: Construction Crawler Crane

I have a great free model for you today courtesy of Jim Field: a Cinema4D 3D construction crawler crane. You may know Jim as TheJimReaper in our community. He has created some great free models, some of which we will be posting at The Pixel Lab. Thanks for giving so much to our community Jim, it’s awesome to see what you and other people create and share so generously! Make sure to leave Jim a thank you in the comments if you have a minute.


download free C4D 3D construction crawler crane model

C4D Tutorial: Make an Object Buffer or Matte in a Few Clicks


Did you forget to add an object buffer to your Cinema4D render and need that matte for some compositing work? Here’s a way to make a matte/buffer in just a few clicks with the C4D Compositing Tag. It’s non-destructive to your scene too, which is pretty rad. Hope it is helpful.

Free Industrial Elements C4D Scene

We have a really special Cinema4D scene from Remco today. It’s an industrial elements scene with a bunch of great pipes, cables, tanks, gauges etc. It’s a great element for industrial or steampunk type designs. Hope you enjoy! It’s free for commercial or personal use, just don’t use it for resale.

All you have to do to get the model is sign up for our free e-mail newsletter and you will receive a follow up e-mail with download links to all 100+ of our free models. If you’re already subscribed, check for a previous e-mail from me, they all have the URL/Password to our hidden freebie page. Enjoy!


Click here to join the e-mail newsletter

If you dig this vibe, make sure to check out our Pipes Generator, Designers Pack, Industrial Pack 1 and Industrial Pack 2. They all have tons of industrial elements that are similar to this freebie!

Free C4D 3D Model: Hamburger

New free C4D 3D model! This time it’s a Hamburger model + textures from Phixel Studios. Phixel has a big Facebook presence for C4D so make sure to check them out and like them here:

If you have any assets to share with the mograph community, let me know and I can help promote them!


Enjoy! Click here to download the C4D 3D Hamburger model

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