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Ugly Dynamics by Nikita Diakur


I’m not sure why but I found myself totally enthralled by this behind the scenes video! It’s such a fun and unique way of animating in C4D with dynamics. You can tell this guy enjoyed the heck out of playing around in C4D and I really appreciate that! You can follow the full film creation on Kickstarter here:

C4D Inspiration: Incredible Noise Visuals

I stumbled across this project on Behance by Mario Tran Phuc and absolutely love it! You guys definitely need to check it out. The concept is showing the Noise options in C4D visually.

The result is a beautiful piece of art. Not only is it really cool, it’s also very useful to have a visual of what the different noise patterns look like. Give the dude a thumbs up!

Click here to see all of the renders

99 Frames Inspiration 2015

David Drayton and Rich Nosworthy have just dropped a ridiculous teaser for 99frames. I couldn’t help but smile watching it, it’s really well done and the comedic timing is spot on. Really enjoyable piece to watch! Enjoy a quick dose of inspiration and then a behind the scenes overview. After that, go get involved with 99 Frames 2015!

C4D Mograph Inspiration: Mothership

I can’t even comprehend any of this. It’s ridiculous.

Beeple C4D Everyday Inspiration

Inspiration: Beeple, Everyday Artist

I have long been a fan of Beeple but didn’t know a lot about him. I stumbled onto this short documentary about him and his work and was really inspired by it! You should take a few minutes of your day to watch it. It will definitely encourage you in your work and learning process. Check out all of Beeple’s free resources here:

Pterois Inspiration By Neekoe

Inspiration: Pterois by Neekoe

I literally want to to find a new career. Don’t watch this if you want to feel good about yourself. Unreal. And especially don’t watch the behind the scenes. Find Neekoe here:


99Frames Rich Nosworthy Inspiration C4D

99Frames Breakdown Inspiration

I just saw a video posted by Rich Nosworthy ( for the 99Frames project and I was really impressed. The amount of detail put into a 3 second video is absolutely stunning. Check out the breakdown for some serious inspiration. It’s always refreshing for me to see the extra detail people put into their scene. It really is the small things that take your project from good to professional.

Stay hungry, don’t compromise.



Just Say No Jason Santa Maria

Just Say No!

I love this video. Listen to Jason Santa Maria, especially if you’re a freelancer. This talk is a bit counter-intuitive to how we are programmed to say yes to everything that comes our way. From past experience I relate a lot to what Jason has to say, and think there is a ton of wisdom in his viewpoint. Your time is non-renewable. Treat it as such. Is saying no a no-no like we have always heard, or is Jason on to something? What do you guys think?


C4D Motion Graphics Inspiration

C4D Motion Graphic Inspiration: Ending Overfishing

I found this awesome motion graphics video on Vimeo and wanted to share it with you guys. The low poly 3D look is pretty popular right now, and there are a lot of average examples of it being implemented. This video, on the other hand, really pulls it off nicely. This definitely inspired me!


Pixel Lab Blog

Video Production Pack in Action

Federico Dedeu just sent me a link to a video he wrapped for the 6th SAFTA Awards show package. He used a bunch of elements from the Pixel Lab Video Production Pack and wanted to share his creation. Very cool to see the model packs in use for such a great project. If you guys ever make anything cool with any models from my site, I would love to see them! Check out the Video Production Pack here:


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