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Announcement: Redshift C4D Material Pack

I’m very excited to be diving into the Redshift world! This is the first ever C4D Redshift Material Pack (that we know of)! Materials were created by my friend Mark fromĀ (Texture ball model courtesy of Paulo Barrelas of

135 pre-made complex materials so you can save time and limit your node tree headaches!

Here are all of the included materials. Click to see them high res!

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New Free Mograph Training Series: Node Fest

If you want to learn from the best in our industry, here’s a new opportunity. Node Fest is a great conference featuring incredible artists like Rich Nosworthy, John Dickinson, Tim Clapham, Brett Morris, Mike Tosetto etc. They put up all of the talks for free! Topics include industry burn out, VR, Redshift, commercial design, pitching and many more. It’s a great resource, so dig in!

Go here to watch the training