Cinema 4D 201 Tutorial: Adding Grunge to Objects

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Learn how to easily add a layer of grunge on text or any other object. A really sweet technique to add another dimension to your 3D elements.


    1. JG

      Great tutorial!! can you just tell me where to get this grunge imagues with alpha channel?

    2. Joren

      Glad you liked the tutorial, JG. I don’t know off hand a good place to get the grunge images, but give me a couple days and I will look around and post a link for you, ok? Keep checking back to the blog and I will post something soon!

    3. JG

      Hey Joren wasup? Did u managed to find the textures? please i really need them for a project.
      Thanks a lot

    4. Joren

      Hey JG, I just posted them! You can find them at:
      Let me know if you have any questions. It’s pretty easy, just make a new photoshop document with an alpha as the background, use the brush preset you choose to make a full document size piece of grunge, export as a .psd, then load that into the alpha channel of a new material in Cinema 4D. Good luck! Hopefully this is helpful to you. Cheers, Joren

    5. JG

      Thanks a lot for this Joren…using it right away.

    6. Joren

      No problem man, glad I could help!

    7. Imad mesbahi
      Imad mesbahi06-11-2011

      nice tutorial

    8. Two

      I know this tut came out a while ago, but I was wondering if there is a way to randomize the placement of the texture on the object. In your last example, you can see the texture repeating along the bottom. Just curious.

      You have a great site here… just found it the other day.

    9. Joren Kandel
      Joren Kandel08-26-2011

      Yeah, if you click on the texture tag that is on the object, you can go into the tag and there are parameters for “offset” and “length” so you can go in and modify the position of your texture as well as the size. Hope that makes sense and work for you! Cheers! Joren

    10. JohnG

      I like this site more and more I look around. Thank you for all your work in your tutorials, I have been learning a lot of helpful tips and techniques from you.
      I really like your level of interaction with the site as well in the comments section, it really encourages me to come back, thank you again Joren!

    11. Joren

      Thanks so much John, that means a lot to me, my friend! Cheers! Joren

    12. yagami

      hi there 🙂
      plz can u tell me which font used to create welcome to pixel lab ?
      and thank u so much

    13. Joren Kandel
      Joren Kandel12-07-2011

      Hey Yagami, it’s called “Pincoyablack””

    14. Winged

      The quickiest and the easiest way to get those kind of grunge textures is to download piles of brushes for Photoshop (search google), and then open those *abr files with – this program will templorary extract every single brush into it’s temp folder (abrViewer.NET\temp) into png format.

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