Cinema 4D Bottle Generator

Cinema4D Tutorials Xpresso Preset1

In this video I’ll show you a free Xpresso preset that will allow you to make easily customized glass bottles in C4D. You can get the preset at:


    1. Izzy


      and by ROCK, I mean ROCK ON 🙂

      • Andres

        Doesn’t works…

    2. Frank Busch
      Frank Busch06-18-2011

      mmmmh??? The bottle is half full or half empty 😉

      Cool little Tip!

      Keep up this stuff. Specially the 2-3 Minutes Videos are great, cause I don´t have to wait 30 minutes to find out that the tut is not for me.

    3. Salva

      Hi The plugins (script) is not to find!! the site is dead? if anyone know where to find the script is wonderfull!!

      Thank you

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