Cinema 4D: The Free Shadow Catcher Plugin

In this quick tutorial I’ll show you how to use the free Shadow Catcher plug-in in Cinema 4D to make realistic composites in After Effects. This plugin is really handy, so make sure to check out the tutorial. I’m excited to once again guest post over at Motionworks with John Dickinson.

Click here to view the tutorial:

Click here to get the free plugin:

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  1. Nice explanation of how to use shadow-catcher. I have been using it a for a little while now but I always seem to have problem when trying to use it with GI.

    Sometimes I can get around it using composite tags and excluding items, reflections, or some other option but there never seems to be a clear cut way to do it. And it still looks too harsh some times.

    I was wondering if you found away around this?

  2. Hey Greg, yes there are definitely some problems with the plugin. It’s not always a perfect solution, and another thing that is too bad is the amount of time added to renders. But if you’re not doing GI and don’t need reflections, it’s a very quick and easy solution. Also, I find myself using GI less and less all the time, because I find it better to light a scene correctly and have fast render times without problems with jittery shadows.

  3. AtlDesigner

    It works with the GSG Light Kit for me… at least when I was experimenting with still compositing in photoshop… Haven’t experimented with the GSG kit and the plugin with motion yet…

  4. Remington

    This is great, but there’s gotta be a quicker way, in terms of render time. It just turned my :20 second render, into a 10:00 minute render. That’s a big deal. Good thing I only need one frame. It’s a very simple frame too.

  5. David Biederbeck

    Hey Joren,
    How is this different than a shadow pass? I typically just render out with the floor and object buffer the object to take away the floor.

    Then add shadow back in.

    Just curious for a class I’m teaching on compositing.

  6. Jim

    Thanks for making this information available. I have the plugin but my problem is I don’t see a specific plugin folder to place it in. I’m using Lite which comes inside the After Effects folder. AE has a plugin folder but I don’t see where the shadow catcher plugin should be placed in the Cineware folder?

    1. Hey Jim, I’ll check into it, but at the moment I’m not sure since I haven’t really used Lite much. You should hit up the creator of the plugin as well and just see if he can help you out, he might know…

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