Cinema 4D Modeling Training

Making It Look Great 10 Cinema4D Modeling Training

Modeling Essentials for Cinema 4D

Making-it-Look-Great-10-C4D-Modeling-TrainingWe have a pretty big focus on modeling at with our model packs, freebies and modeling contests. This new training series by my buddy Rob Redman fits right in with what we’re doing, so I’m pretty pumped about it.
Today is the release of Making it Look Great 10 from Motionworks which is all about modeling essentials for Cinema 4D. Learn the tools and the correct workflow and make sure you’re being as efficient as possible.
If you want to learn more and watch the sample lessons you can check it out here:
Congrats to my friend Rob for another great training series!


    1. pauly

      Hey Joren, Im trying to get into modelling myself in C4D. Ive been following Sub Divisional modelling on Vimeo. I created this project to try improve my modelling skills, here’s the result

      But there is still alot I need to learn. Does this course cover correct modelling and using HyperNURBS? There is so little content for C4D artists regarding correct modelling and box modelling.

    2. Scott

      MLG Series is fantastic, have not tried 10 yet but 7-9 have been rich in information and very helpful. Another good resource for C4D modelling is C4Dcafe and Vertex-Pusher training (

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