Cinema 4D NAB 2018 Tutorials V6

The final set of free NAB tutorials for Cinema 4D is live. Thanks Cineversity!

Phil Roberts: Pitch to Final Product using Cinema 4D

Phil Roberts outlines three projects he created while working for London-based marketing firm Taylor James.

Caitlin Cadieux: Cinema 4D in Editorial Animation

In this C4D Live presentation from NAB 2018, motion designer Caitlin Cadieux shows how she produces 2D-style animations for The Atlantic in Cinema 4D.

Dan Pierse: Cinema 4D in a Broadcast Environment: Sci-Fi and Thriller Promo Production

In this NAB 2018 Rewind, Dan Pierse demonstrates several techniques he uses while creating promos as Motion Graphics Design Director for Fox Broadcasting.

EJ Hassenfratz: Painless Character Rigging using Deformers and Splines

In this C4D Live presentation from NAB 2018, motion designer and character animator EJ Hassenfratz shares how he took control of his career by getting back to the basics and creating personal projects that were exciting to him.

Julia Siemon: Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football: C4D FTW!

In this NAB 2018 Rewind, Julia Siemon breaks down a few sections from three spots for Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football.

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