Cinema 4D R14: Sculpting

C4D Cinema4D R14 Maxon Sculpting

One of the features I’m most excited about in C4D R14 is sculpting. Mainly because I suck at it, and this addition to R14 is so intuitive and so easy. It’s as easy as pushing around virtual clay. I’m very impressed with it! It opens up the door to a lot of organic style modeling which I have always been pretty scared of.

This video is a screen capture of Remco playing around with the new sculpting features and creating the bone structure of a hand.


This video shows Remco sculpting a head model in R14.


Here are some more great resources on R14 sculpting:

55 Minute Sculpting Tutorial:

MoStyle Overview: (All German)

Sculpting and Retopo of a tree: (Click on “Sculpting” link)

A paid for tutorial series by Dimitris Katsafouros

    1. Jill

      Love your nod to George Melies and the history of film!

    2. Chris

      Truly amazing to watch! I’m not a character animator what-so-ever, but I am truly impressed with this tool. The possibilities to make some organic features on anything, with this much ease, is remarkable. Bravo R14…and you too Remco!

    3. Grant

      I was first heard George Melies in the film “HUGO”,

    4. chase

      Totally Cool post Jaren! Thanx for the info on R14… keep ’em coming!

      – chase –

    5. amine

      very good

    6. Anonimous

      requires plugin?

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