Cinema 4D R14 Update!

Today’s a huge day for our community with the announcement of C4D version R14. In this post I will give you links to all the resources I have found that demonstrate the new features. Here’s a quick list of updates:

  • Massive sculpting updates that transforms mesh into virtual clay
  • Many updates for faster modeling such as snapping system updates and a quicker way to select objects
  • Many updates to camera rigs, such as morphing between cameras and the new Motion Camera system
  • Updated dynamics control such as aerodynamic forces, plastic springs and breaking connectors
  • Faster and more accurate GI and more control with multipasses for color grading in the Picture Viewer
  • Updates to the workflow, such as even faster integration with AE, as well as a NUKE connection
  • Many updates to the interface to make it easier to navigate

Here’s a roundup of links to learn more about the release:

1. The main Maxon overview post and video

13 Responses
  1. Jeff, I’m having the same problem. Maxon’s site is getting slammed with traffic is the problem I think.
    Pauly, yes, in fact a lot of the functionality is basically taking zBrush and bringing those features into C4D. Pretty cool!

  2. Izzy

    Man, that camera tool is going to make my life MUCH easier:)
    That’s how I tend to make my boards for clients, so once they give me the green light, I can just use this tool to connect them all and blammo!
    Rock on:)

  3. fasteddie

    The sculpting features are a welcome addition, but nobody should seriously expect it to be Zbrush inside of Cinema 4D – Zbrush is the most powerful sculpting program there is. Nevertheless, it’s nice to see Maxon moving in this direction. A true BDRF material system to complete with Vray4C4D and Maxwell Render would have been nice, as would more updates to the modeling tools, some of which are really long in the tooth now…good looking update though.

  4. I agree, fasteddie, you’re definitely right. I should maybe put it differently: they are bringing certain features that are available in zBrush into C4D, but it certainly won’t be all of the features, and it won’t replace zBrush. It’s just a step in that direction. That’s the impression I have at this point anyway, without all the information.

  5. fasteddie

    Joren, I should also say the R14 sculpting tools look very capable from the previews I’ve seen in terms of most users needs – perfect for 3D generalists, motion designers and many animators (so much more user friendly than ZBrush!) Still ZBrush rules for scuplting for films, I would think – ZB4R4 looks amazing. IMO it shows great foresight from Maxon to put this in when you consider these capabilities aren’t in Maya or 3DS Max, great to see Maxon out in front and taking the lead!

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