Cinema 4D Tut: NitroBlast Bomb

Cinema4D Plugin NitroBlast C4D

In the fourth C4D NitroBlast plugin tutorial, I’ll show you how to blow stuff up with an awesome feature called the Bomb object.


    1. Gokhan

      very nice tutorial Joren,I like NitroBlast 😉
      Thanks for tutorial,bye.

    2. Shalom Ormsby
      Shalom Ormsby12-01-2011

      That’s the bomb! Added to

    3. Brad - Rastermind
      Brad - Rastermind12-13-2011

      Thanks for doing this series Joren. I bought the plugin and am having fun with it. Great resource here.

    4. Alexander

      heyy i have the thaursi plugin but i have put it everywhere, from the plugin file in roaming to the plugin file in c4d’s location but when i go to c4d it doesnt appear in the plugin menu. can anyone help me???

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