Cinema 4D Tut: NitroBlast Cuts Object

Cinema4D Plugin NitroBlast C4D

In the fifth C4D Nitroblast plugin tutorial, I’ll show you how to customize your fracture easily with an awesome feature in NitroBlast called the Cuts object.


    1. Steve

      Great stuff, thanks for all these tutorials!

    2. gokhan

      very nice and useful tutorial thank you Joren 😉

    3. Scott

      This series has been great, thanks Joren.

    4. Shalom Ormsby
      Shalom Ormsby12-05-2011

      Excellent tut. Do you know if it’s possible to make the cuts rougher (so that the edges of the cuts aren’t so smooth)? Can you add noise to the cut surface faces?

    5. Joren

      I’m not 100% sure if you can do that, Shalom, I will play around a bit, but I can’t think of any way off the top of my head. I’ll ask the plugin creator as well…

    6. Shalom Ormsby
      Shalom Ormsby12-08-2011

      Thanks for looking into this. If this isn’t possible now, perhaps he’ll consider adding this to a future update? I think it would greatly enhance the realism and usefulness of NitroBlast, and would separate it from all the other destruction plugins out there…

    7. Yoyo

      Hello, any news about the Shalom question? I’m searching how to achieve that result aswell. Thanks!

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