Cinema 4D Tut: NitroBlast Plugin Auto Break

Cinema4D Plugin NitroBlast C4D

In the third NitroBlast Cinema 4D tutorial I’ll show you how to use the Auto Tab to give you a lot of control over how two objects interact with each other when colliding.


    1. SCOTT

      What is the plug in that you were using that did align to floor?

    2. Joren

      You can find the plugin here:
      It’s the “Drop to Floor v1.1″

    3. Chris Burke
      Chris Burke11-30-2011

      Haha that’s the exact same question I was gonna ask. Definitely downloading that plugin. Also, this series of tutorials has sold me on NitroBlast as well… what an amazingly well-priced plugin for all its functionality. Impressed.

    4. davdalx

      What if I wanted the Platonic to break, not the floor…

    5. roger

      hey how to install the NitroBlastStyles on windows 7 help me please

    6. yander

      this a really nice tool

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