Cinema 4D Tut: NitroBlast Plugin Overview 2

Cinema4D Plugin NitroBlast C4D

In the second of a series of Cinema 4D Nitroblast tutorials, I’m going to finish a quick overview of the plugin before diving into some of the more specific features. Remember, NitroBlast only works if you have the full Studio version of C4D.


    1. Shalom Ormsby
      Shalom Ormsby11-23-2011

      Very cool. I like the “Dust” feature, and the ability to refracture fragments with the Depth feature.

    2. Gokhan

      incredible plugin Joren,
      thanks for great tutorial 😉

    3. campa

      this plugin definitely worth its money, thnx for the tip joren

    4. James Brelaz
      James Brelaz11-25-2011

      Nice serie. I mentioned in my site:

    5. Joren

      Awesome! Thanks James!

    6. gokhan

      I will be waiting ”NitroBlast Plugin Overview 3” tutorial Dear Joren,your tutorials are very intelligible and useful,thanks for share with us 😉

    7. coyote37

      i did this clip using nitroblast and it was wayyyyyy easier with it!


    8. gokhan

      Dear Joren and friends I have a question about Dynamics,

      I create Cube and Sphere and I placed two objects same coordinates.Only Cube broken with NitroBlast
      I want two objects fall down but wanted is not so 🙁 can you help me please?

      here is link of test scene;

      also test scene file here;

      Thank you very much for everything,
      bye 😉

    9. Joren Kandel
      Joren Kandel11-28-2011

      Looks awesome, Coyote37! Really nice work!!

    10. Joren Kandel
      Joren Kandel11-28-2011

      Lazaros, the plugin developer, was so kind as to send me a couple solutions to your problem. He sent me project files to show how this can be achieved. Please download these files and take a look at how he did it and this should answer your question. Cheers!

    11. atanas

      also send test scene file here

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